Be a Princess or a Prince!

Once I heard this story, shared by a lady, I’ll call Jean, who works with animals and has a heart of gold. We were discussing how sometimes giving something small to someone may have a positive impact on their day.

Flower Crowns For Daughters

Jean, being a creative person and a wonderful mother, played with her daughters and encouraged make-believe acting. She made a circlet crown of wire, covered in ribbons and then made long streamers of different colored ribbons. The streamers flowed down the girls’ backs and added to the beauty of the crowns and their joy in imagining themselves as princesses. She enjoyed making these crowns and still remembers with joy how much fun the girls had and how princess-like they felt.

Flower Crown for Herself

Well, years ago when Jean was experiencing the blues over turning 35 years of age, she felt she wanted to do something to cheer herself up. The ribbon crowns came to mind along with the memories of joy shared while making them and while wearing them. So at 35 Jean proceeded to make one for herself. She placed the ribbon crown on her head and proceeded to walk downtown happily and regally with ribbons bouncing down her back.

Flower Crowns for Others

She did not stop when at first a few people looked at her curiously. But soon others approached her and asked her about her crown. Upon hearing the story behind the crown, at least ten different women and girls asked her for a piece of one of her crown ribbons to tie in their hair. She gladly cut a piece of ribbon for everyone who asked and helped them attach or tie a colorful ribbon in their hair.

Share Something Simple

Each surely walked off feeling to some degree happier or perhaps more like a princess. Needless to say, Jean felt better because she had made other people happy. She shared something of hers with others, which brightened their day as well as hers. She did something quite out of the ordinary, but isn’t that often when the best things happen?

One woman made at least ten other people happy with a ribbon crown. Why can’t we brighten someone’s day by giving them a reusable, friendly smile, even if we don’t know them and especially if we do.

I found that even while wearing a mask, during Covid times, people could see a smile just from looking at my eyes. I wondered when I first started wearing a mask, if people could tell that I was smiling at them. I asked two different people if they could tell I was smiling even with a mask and they confirmed  that they could. That’s because when you smile at someone your eyes change and crinkle at the outer corners.

People were smiling back at me too. Even with my mask on they could see that I was smiling at them. Smiles can convey friendliness or cheer up someone who needs a friendly smile. I frequently smile at people as long as I feel comfortable doing so.

Better still, do something for someone. Be nice. If someone drops something pick it up for them if they are elderly. If someone looks sad, ask them if they are okay if you feel comfortable doing so. Sometimes  they may ask, “How can I repay you?” Suggest they do something nice for someone else. Be creative and share. You will feel like a princess too (or a prince.)

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