No Roses for Me

Circus or Peace Rose

Roses come in a variety of colors. Over the years each color has become an expression of a particular emotion. This use of roses’ symbolism started in the 18th century in a poem by Robert Burns titled “Red,Red Rose,” in which he describes his love as a red rose.

Roses have different meanings based on their colors. For instance red roses are a sign of love and unity. If in a wedding bouquet they symbolize deep respect and appreciation for their partner. The brighter the red of the roses the deeper the passion.

White roses symbolize purity but can represent new beginnings. Pink roses come in different shades and can represent gentleness; but can be gifted to a family member as a sign of familial love. Peach colored roses are more a sign of gratitude, modesty or sincerity. Yellow roses may convey friendship or compassion. Orange roses are kind of between red and yellow for degrees of feeling. Lavendar signifies the feeling of new love or attraction. Their color is captivating as the emotions felt in new love can be.

Did you know there are pale green roses? They represent growth and newness. If you want to tell someone you love them passionately give them burgundy roses. (I didn’t know there was such a thing!)

Books have been written about black roses that symbolized someone or something. Black roses unless colored artificially are actually deep red roses that are such a deep, dark red, that they appear black. Do you remember the Sunday cartoon’s character, Brenda Starr? I seem to remember a black rose was a sign from her boyfriend, who I believe had a black patch over one eye and shipped the black roses to her.

But roses bring back a memory from my teenage years. I used to read “Glamour” magazine. When I was in my mid teens, there was an interesting article about how roses can make you smell like you had perfume on as the scent of roses mixed with your perspiration. The recommendation was to put rose petals good by in your bra. I was curious about ew ideas and certianly wanted to be feminine and smell good too.

So I used a few petals and placed them in my bra. In about 15 to 30 minutes the areas under my bra began to itch. I had mindlessly scratched it a little. When I looked to see what was wrong I head welts from the rose petals. I evidently was allergic to roses!

I quickly removed the petals; washed any remnant of their essence from myself and changed my bra! Ever since then smelling roses has not been a good thing for me to do. They make my nose, and sometimes my eyes, burn. So I admire roses from arms length now.

I think I will stick to sunflowers and African violets. They are beautiful too and don’t affect me like roses do. (Not that I would ever put any other flower petals in my bra after that experience!

3 thoughts on “No Roses for Me

  1. An interesting post. Thank you, for sharing the information about the rose colors. I had heard of some of them, but not all. Sorry you are allergic to them, but you can keep on enjoying the sunflowers and violets.

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