Make Your Life Happier


I am almost 71 years young. Many people have told me I look much younger than my age. Like any other woman, that comment makes me feel really good. But I always attribute whatever “it” is to my inner child.

Some helpful hints to keeping your inner child alive and well:

1. Relax!  Take time for your mind, body and soul to relax, rest, enjoy beauty, fun, happiness and sometimes just doing something different. Take a nap. Just sit in nature and do nothing!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20140415_122210_885-sleeping-sister.jpg
Sweet grey tabby, Sister asleep.

2. Spend time with puppies, kittens or children. They are filled with unpolluted joy of living!! Living with my cat has brought me plenty of laughter. Seeing my grandchildren always makes me laugh and realize there needs to be more fun in my life! Laugh or giggle if you feel led to, especially if you are with a child.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20181021_151637914-e1557871867627.jpg
My second grandson and I.

3. Find positive things in your day and find a feeling of gratitude that you are able to enjoy them. Go for a walk in the park or your yard. Look out the window more often. Stop and smell the roses. See the beauty that is present in even the little things.

Fields of sunflowers.
Fields of thousands of yellow sunflowers giving their beauty to the world.

4. Find friends who also enjoy life and plan trips or fun things to do. You are not only helping yourself but you are helping them too. Go to the museum or restaurant or park you have always wanted to see. Don’t keep postponing activites you always wanted to do. Do something you enjoy just for the sake of enjoyment!

My friend and I posing on the rhinoceros statue

Take some deep breaths wherever the air is fresh. Close your eyes and repeat if you are in a natural environment or your home. Try to dump out the thoughts that plague your mind and replace them with beautiful or wise or loving thoughts for your earth, your family, your life, or whatever you are thankful for. Seek joy whenever possible.

Share love with a friend, family member, just give them a hug or a smile, or a wink and see how they respond. Then enjoy what they give back to you. Everyone needs some kind of love, acknowledgement, or happy feelings every day. Be kind to those who are swamped at work; offer to help someone finish a chore; smile at the lady or man behind the cash register; pay for the person behind you in line and watch the surprise on their face discreetly. Giving joy, kindness, love, friendship, a smile will come back to you, if not from that person, someone else will return these “gifts” to you in some way, shape or form. Wait for it!

Just do something you love, be with someone you enjoy and avidly pursue something you enjoy doing or seeing or whatever makes you smile or feel happy.

My grandchildren and I
My awesome grandchildren and I the summer of 2021.

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