One Little Bird

One day years ago I became saddened by the suffering of the planet and it’s people, our climate changes, the deaths of innocent animals as their environment changes; and everything seemed to be “going to hell in a handbag.”

I thought about the fears and anxieties the world’s sick or hungry; or those terrorized by their governments or thugs. Then there are those without jobs or no money and on and on.

I was expressing my anxieties to one of my dear friends. She reminded me that people have been going through crises not unlike this for centuries. Many innocent people have died from plagues, torture, starvation and other tragedies for centuries. This is really nothing new except it is new to us now and it can be frightening.

I had trouble sleeping that night. I was up until 1 AM trying to “solve the world’s problems” (not really but they were sure enough on my mind.) Then I woke up at 4 AM, got a snack and dozed off and on until noon. Some of the problem was that I was very tired and some of it was that I felt overwhelmed by the world’s crises.

I am sure there are others like myself whose minds get ramped up going on and on when they get tired or overwhelmed. Finally there comes a point where you have to leave it behind when you can’t do anything directly to help. You realize that you have to take care of the things you can take care of and do whatever you are able to do to help those around you.

The next night I slept really well. I woke up the next morning to a little bird, possibly a sparrow or a cardinal chirping outside my window as if it could go on forever. That same bird had been chirping the same way outside my window every morning since the weather started warming up. For some reason I felt comfort in this simple bird and his/her song.

This little bird reminded me that the world is still revolving on its axis, traveling its annual trip around the sun. There are things that are changing and there are things that are not changing. Our world has been going through cycles of major problems for centuries but it is still here.

Another thing this little one helped me realize is that sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. The link below is to a scene from n old movie, “Oh, God.” This excerpt may help explain the effect of this little bird. God in a common human form (George Burns) comes to a man, Jerry, (John Denver) while he in his shower. Jerry is of course quite shocked that God is there and talking to him! God suggests doing something he does everyday to make him relax and be more comfortable. I loved this movie.

The daily commoness of that little bird reminded me that the rest of the world is still there and will continue for a good, long time to come. We are just going through hard times just like the world has gone through many other hard times for centuries. Perhaps these times are times for us to stop and think about our lives; to remember how much we treasure our lives.

Maybe we are being slowed down to see the beauty in the things we have been too busy to appreciate in the past. I have heard that bird before but never paid attention to its persistent song and had not even taken time to see what kind of bird it was. This morning I didn’t hear that bird. But I noticed its absence.

I value even more the little encounters I have with my sweet neighbors in the hall of my condominium building. We all check on each other, say hello and other pleasantries in the lobby as we come or go. How good it is to see another friendly neighbor when you may have a load on your mind. How good to hear their voices, see their smiles, catch up on whatever is new.

Yes, there is suffering and pain and scary things happening. But other than pray and leave it to God there is not a lot we regular humans can do. We can recycle; volunteer in worthy causes; help others by donating used items to thrift stores that actually help others; be kind. I am sure many have heard of the Prayer of Serenity. Many versions of it have been used in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings because of its comforting and guiding words. This is the common version used and heard by many.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can change and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen

Seems to me this is a good goal or prayer for all of us right now.

One last scene from the movie “Oh, God.” God has been arrested and is in court charged with something. The judge and the charging lawyer declare that this little old man is insane and should be put away. God helps clarify things.

“Do the best you can with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

I like to alter the quote a bit. “Do the best you can with what you have to do with.”

24 thoughts on “One Little Bird

    1. I know what you mean. I have always loved trees. When I moved from my house, I missed the dozen beautiful trees in my yard and all the squirrels and birds and insects. My condo fortunately has a little red maple tree which attracts squirrels and birds too; especially now that the tree’s seeds are out. They also give Norie something to watch. There are also bushes in front of my condo that lures beautiful birds and their songs too.

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  1. I loved that movie too. Great one, as far as I am concerned. I loved when George Burns took oath in court and said, “So help me me.” ROFLOL
    And what it meant to me too is, God may be walking among us every day, like a young person or an old one. We don’t know. But it’s comforting to consider it, I think.
    God bless us all.

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    1. I haven’t gotten the nomination yet, but for some reason the emails were going to spam. I fixed that so I should find it soon, still going through the posts that were in the spam box.


  2. I am glad you are safe and meeting with people’s smiling faces daily to keep your spirits up! Writing is so good for the soul and keep it up my friend. We are so fortunate we can walk with the our dog Chip around our beautiful neighbourhood in the UK. 4th day of Sunny Sunshine, birds sing their praises, so uplifting as you say! We may not be able to top up our supplies because all the supermarkets delivery slots are taken for weeks to come but we have enough food for a month in the freezer and will not starve. Many thousands of volunteers are helping in so many wonderful ways. My tears are of love and emotion when we FaceTime our two young granddaughters daily but at least, as you say, we are still alive and things WILL return to normal again! Thank you for your friendship and take care!

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  3. Thank you, Jane. Right now I have so much sorrow for those who are suffering. I have two grandsons, whom I haven’t seen in about two months. But thankfully they and their parents have a large old house with a large yard out in the country away from the germs and this virus. I am thankful they are safe. My other son and wife are doing well. His wife is a veterinarian, so I think she is teaching him about being careful at work and in public. I am staying home, except to get groceries and will be wearing a mask for my protection from now on. But in spite of the changes, I am living each day with open eyes and open heart to what good there is to see and experience.and finding something of use or good to do. Life is definitely different but we are alive.

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  4. I also get upset and stressed about our world and all that this sad and or bad but I have to remind myself of all the good and all the beauty and kindness that also goes on. I also remind myself that these kind of things though maybe a little different have been happening since Our Lord Jesus walked the earth. Things change yet thing are the same just different era different people and many more people on the earth. God Bless,

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