Show Them You Care

Every day I find myself smiling at something on Facebook, or about something funny my cat does, or photos of my grandchildren or any children being cute. Smiles come naturally when you are pleased, happy, thankful, or filled with joy from any of a variety of stimuli.

I smile at people who give eye contact when approaching me in the grocery store. During Covid I was concerned that my mask might be hiding my lower face so that no one could tell I was smiling at them. I actually asked two strangers if they could tell I was smiling with my mask on. They said they could tell by my eyes that crinkle up when I smile.

Look in the in the mirror and see if your eyes convey the smile on your lips. A “thorough smile” is one that warms you and others up with openness toward others. Some people, who work in boring or tiring jobs, or who face customers who are rude or don’t bother to acknowledge them, are tired or have their own problems. But they often respond when asked, “How are you today?” or “How is work today?” or “Are you having a rough day today?”

Trying to help others, helps keep me balanced when I hear the sad events that are occurring in and around the world. People, who we may see every day, sometimes are ignored or not spoken to. I always thought if someone can use a little cheering up, why not start with a smile and if they respond, ask them about their day. It is just one way of connecting with others and showing that you are at least friendly. At the most it shows you care about them as a fellow human being or friend.

I have for years now watched the morning and evening news. Since this terrible war on Ukraine I felt so sad just imagining what the people are going through. I sadly watched the news about the little children murdered in school by a deranged older teenager and every day it seems more people are killing others. I can only take so much of this suffering.

I came to several conclusions. There are certain actions that I, as a seventy-year old woman, can do to help. If I had lots of money, I would donate a large portion of it to several worthy causes. I have donated small amounts when I could to Eastern and Central North Carolina Food Bank, Dorcas Ministry, and Meals on Wheels. .

I donate items and occasionally money, when I am able, to Dorcas Ministry because they have so many venues to help those in need. They coach people on how to present themselves for job interviews; they help families who are burned out of their homes. They have a food bank where needy folks can get donated foods. It helps keep me balanced when I hear the sad events that are occurring in and around the world.

I believe St. Michael the Archangel Church coordinates the “Read and Feed Project.” This is an after school literacy project. They help kids learn to read and give them a meal when school is out. They give so much to help these children.

Meals on Wheels brings food and companionship to the elderly who stay at home most of the time because of their health or some other reasons.

There are so many good causes in our country and for others in need. Instead of worrying, imagining the horrors of warring countries, thinking of the suffering going on, do something wherever you can do it to help. We cannot make a difference as individuals in the war unless we can go over there and help. So why not do something here to help the people that we can help.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money or donate money or time. Just be kind and try to see the suffering, loneliness, poverty, grief, pain, loss and troubles here around you and help when you are able.

You won’t save the world but you can help make the world a better place by setting the example of compassion, kindness, sympathy, understanding, love, or just a few minutes of attention to someone who is lonely and sad. A little bit goes a long way when you have little or nothing.

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