Alexa, Google and I

I’ve had some humorous events while cat sitting for two friends.

I have a Google phone, who usually answers when I ask it questions. She sets the alarm for the next morning’s awakening or enters an event on my calendar on command.

Imagine how freaky it felt the first time in the evening alone with a cat when I asked my phone, “Google, set the alarm for 6 AM.”

Before my Google could relate to me that the clock alarm was set, House Google with the same voice butted in and related that she too had set the alarm. Okay, I’ve got backup. (Or were they competing to see who could answer the fastest?)

Then when 6 AM occurred the next morning, I had two Google alarms going off! I knew how to turn off the one on my phone but there’s no button on House Google. It was still darkish so I had to turn on the light to figure things out.

I tried, “Google turn alarm off” and “Google, cancel the alarm.” So that night again I tried to learn by asking Google, ” Google,look up how to turn off the alarm in the morning?”

House Google replied, “The 6 AM alarm is now off!”

“Noo. Google please set the alarm for 6 AM,” I had to reorder it.

House Google, confirmed that the alarm had been set. Okay. In the morning I tried the simple command, “Google, cancel alarm.” It worked!

Then things got personal. I turned on my Kindle and asked, “Alexa, find the YouTube app.”

Imagine my surprise when House Google said, “That’s not my name. But I know you are talking to me.”

I wasn’t sure if she was jealous or thought I got her name mixed up with Alexa.

I decided that maybe House Google was feeling useless or unappreciated. So I asked her to play some James Taylor music and see what happens. At least we can get along with music choices. Thankfully my Google was lost in her own thoughts, probably tired from competeing with House Google.

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