It’s Be an Angel Day

Did you know today is “Be an Angel Day”? I just found out about it myself!

llindberg-heilige schutzengel
Guardian angel with children crossing bridge.

Well, we can’t be real angels, but why not try to do some of the things they do or did for us. Angels in the Bible, and still today, help people, protect them, deliver messages, show us love, rescue people from danger, give us happy thoughts and more.

Have you ever heard the stories of miraculous rescues by a stranger who appeared from nowhere and disappeared after the rescue. There are, I believe, angels who want to help but can’t unless we ask them to help or we are unable to ask in extenuating circumstances. Things like this happen.

There are many stories on YouTube of people being rescued by angels, unseen rescuers, and just strange circumstances. But sometimes we can be angels by helping others.

Although we are not angels there are people who do miraculous things for a living like firemen or ambulance drivers and others who save people’s lives under strange but wonderful circumstances; teachers who reach a child no one has been able to reach; inventors of tools to help those with disabilities live a more normal life. There are grandparents who love and raise their own grandchildren. There are so many people who are helping others already.

So today and hopefully the rest of your life do good things for others: be kind, helpful, supportive, donate to a worthy cause; take time to tell someone how wonderful they are; make someone’s day special. Say thank you, let someone in line ahead of you, at the drive through, pay for the next person’s drink or meal, give a hand where a hand is needed.

I found that even a smile with eye contact can make someone’s face light up. Smile at a baby or a child. Call someone who lives alone or who you haven’t spoken to in ages. Call your mother or father, aunt, uncle, or friend whom you haven’t spoken to in ages. Make them feel happy.

If you want to share something someone did that was kind or wonderful to you, please share here. I would love some good examples of how someone was an “angel” to you or someone you know even.

Be an Angel! Do something good! Make someone’s day special!

8 thoughts on “It’s Be an Angel Day

  1. Thank you for reaching out to people Joyful2bee!
    I have had so many Angel experiences over my remarkable lifetime, including an Angel allowing himself to show his wings to me through his black cape in 2000. Hoping to publish my Jane’s Angels one day!
    Blessing to All and of course the Unconditional Love of All our Angels! XOXOX

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  2. I’ve had people exhibit unexpected kindness and help to me at various times throughout my life and will always be grateful. today, I will make sure to do this for someone

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