Photos of Norie Growing Up

Norie is my thirteen year old black cat. She is mischievous, funny, a huntress of bugs and anything that looks like one. Here she is as a kitten. My second son and his wife gave her to me when she was less than a year old. She was a rescue cat along with her siblings at a rescue center.

Black kitten snuggled to silver cat.
Baby Norie with surrogate mother, Pepper.

As a one year old she came to me with a long, lean body and was full of energy.

Norie loves to play with straws and anything plastic and long
Norie loves to play with straws and anything plastic and long
Black cat with golden eyes.
Big gold eyed, big eared, black Norie, looking like an Egyptian cat goddess.

I found her sleeping positions quite amusing.

Norie sleeping on the back of the couch.
Norie sleeping on the back of the couch.
Black cat with one golden eye showing behind the curtain.
Norie thinks she is totally hidden behind the blinds.

As a young cat she was always doing something entertaining. I took hundreds of photos of her as she grew up.

Norie and scratching post
Norie looking at the world upside down.
Black cat watching from above.
Norie watched me when I was in the kitchen from on top of the cabinets.
Black cat sleeping in sunshine.
That sun light feels so good!!
Black cat on her back on the screened in porch.
Norie, at 7 years old, enjoying the cool cement of the porch.

Actually Norie lies on her back often. If I am doing floor exercises on my yoga mat, I look over at her and see her in the above position. She cracks me up when I come out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go and look down and see her looking up at me like this seeming to ask me to scratch under her chin so she can grab my hand to play with me.

Norie enjoying the climbing tree.
Norie playing in the carpeted tunnel

I think as Norie is now a middle-aged cat, she still has her playful moods. But she seems to enjoy lying in or flipping around in her cat tree tunnel. She seems more contemplative about life and watches birds and activities of the day from the perch or the chair on the screened in porch.

Norie is often at my feet. I can’t count the number of times I have stepped on her paw or tail, not realizing she was there. She loves to watch me do things and seems quite curious about my activities. I know she loves me.

She has been an entertainer, mischiefmaker, snuggler, teacher, and clown. I love my Norie.

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          1. I understand I was that way with Chancy when he was younger. He is not as active now as he was in his younger years. He still plays fetch with me and walks with me but sleeps more than anything else.

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