Exercising With Norie

Have you seen the video of a woman exercising with her cats? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBAdYAUYtnk

So clever. The cats sit quietly and unobtrusively, just keeping her company. Well, let me show you some pictures of how my exercises got with my cat, Norie. One problem is that Norie loves to scratch the rubber mats.

The problems begin when I lay the mat out. Wherever she is, she hears the slapping sound as I unroll it while standing up. She immediately comes and lays down right in the middle of the mat!

Norie blocking my exercises.
Starting out on my side. Norie comes and puts her head against my arm.
I put the exercise instructions on the mat and answer the door. This is what I see when I come back.
I carefully roll onto my back and look to see where she is and where my feet are!
While I stand to do some standing poses Norie cocoons herself with the mat.
While sitting up and leaning over to touch my toes on one foot, Norie rolls up the end of the mat!
Providing moral support? Who knows?
Norie, belly up, is playing under the mat.
Norie thinks she is hiding from me.
A truce. A mat for her and a mat for me.

Norie is such a clown and a distraction! But I laugh at her antics and it makes exercises so much more fun.

6 thoughts on “Exercising With Norie

    1. Mags, that is such a sweet thing to say. She is special and having been on a cruise for the last 5 days and bringing her home from boarding her at the vets, made me know even more how much she is a valuable precious part of my life. Thank you, so much!!

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