My Life as a Little Panther

Hi, I am Norie, a pantherette. We pantherettes are solitary intelligent animals. Although, when shown the luxuries of living with a human, some of us agree to live with them. I wouldn’t be so smart if I turned down free food, a place of privacy to take care of my body processes and the the loving companionship.

Being a little panther of above average intelligence, I require above average pastimes. I like to explore and hunt and of course; take naps in the sun.

 My Outdoor Room

One of my “wild” black cat activities that I enjoy is to go out on the area my Human calls a “screened in patio.”  Communicating my desire to go there is best done by sitting patiently in front of the door if she is nearby. If not, I sit at her feet with a bored look. If Human is nearby, she opens the door and let’s me out. Thankfully she leaves the door cracked so I can come back in when I want to. My outside place has bushes in front of it so only a rare glimpse of my sleek black coat can be seen by passers-by.

Why do I like my “Outdoor Room?”

Well, for one thing, since I am a little panther, I love to hunt. I occasionally find a lizard or a bug who wanders into my territory. Sometimes I get to play with it before I am discovered by my Human. She always tries to get the lizards away from me but a few times she was too late.

I like how she puts food out in front of the screen for little animals like birds, rabbits, and squirrels. I get to watch them from one of the chairs outside where I can survey the whole mossy area; or better still up close to them on the other side of the screen.

Friend or Prey?

I like to sit out there at night and remember my panther origins or contemplate my life, lizards and the pursuit of my happiness. There are bugs and frogs that make a lot of noise at night down in the valley.  I have seen a black cat just like me who runs wild. It doesn’t look happy. Human reminds me that I have a good life with lots of love, attention and food.

I was truly pantheresque

There have been a few times when I was truly pantheresque: I know how to hide from Human. I have several favorite spots that make it hard for her to find me. I love to see her looking for me and take pride in my ninja stealth mode, blending in with wherever I am hiding. 

Black cat looking out from a drawer.
Norie hiding in a drawer with a peephole.

Walking on the floor can be scary

Humans don’t realize how scary it can be for a cat to walk around on the floor in my domain. People trip over me, step on my tail, or back over me. I even lost some of my tail fur when Human backed into me when I was standing right behind her. Also everything is higher up than I am. If I want to see something on the long flat place, I have to scratch at a little row of doors to ask to be picked up. My jumping days are over though. My back just can’t take the landing or the jumping down.

Where we used to live I used to jump up to the long flat place and up on the cold maker or onto the little flat place above the wall boxes where she stores my canned food. I could sit above my human and watch what she was doing without her even knowing it sometimes.

I am invisible here, you can not see me.
What are you doing now?

I want an indoor jungle tree.

I have been trying to communicate to her that I want an indoor jungle tree to climb. I have been rejecting most of her efforts to play with me. (Except for the red light or some ribbon or string! I just can’t help myself.) But I am a black cat of above average intelligence and get bored with simple things. I never cared much for catnip either. But my plan is she will feel sorry for me since I am so bored and get me one of those tall, climbing jungle trees with little flat places to sit and survey my world.

I wonder how long it will take for her to figure out what I truly want?? I do get bored with toys for the average cat.

15 thoughts on “My Life as a Little Panther

  1. Your Norie sounds a lot like my Tennyson was. When we moved him and his brother to CO, we felt so bad for putting them through the stress of the move we bought them an indoor jungle tree to climb on. They used to fight over who hot to be on the top shelf! Got great pictures of the two of them.

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  2. Found a new “entertainment” that one of the cats like. I take 3 cat treats, stick it in an empty toilet paper roll, crimp the ends shut and fold them over, then toss it on the floor. Great fun figuring out how to get to the treats.


  3. Nicely done. Norie does seems to have resisted attempts at full domestication.

    Norie reminds me of a panther I once served, Prince Soot. Norie’s perch on the top of the cabinets reminiscent of when I brought Satchel the Wonder Dog home from the shelter and Prince Soot spent two weeks perched on top of the cabinets thoroughly furious at the addition to the household. They became best companions over the years and grew old together, passing within days of each other.

    A lovely photo essay of your beloved Norie. Thank you.

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