Listen to Your Head and Heart

When I was young I had a lot of anxiety about doing the right thing or potential events that could happen. When you’re a teenager with all kinds of changes taking place in your body and brain, things can get a little crazy. You think you are in love with every handsome guy/or girl. You worry that you might not do well on a test, class, assignment, or just plain life. Your whole future is ahead of you and it can be scary!

I found myself to be a victim of the hormones. Some days I was emotional; some days I was ecstatically happy because a guy smiled at me or spoke to me; I made a good grade, or had fun. There were days when I thought I would never have a boyfriend, or get an assignment done in time. So many things go through your mind when you’re a teenager.

I had a new set of life challenges to cope with then. I knew I wanted to be a nurse and get married some day. So I studied and worked hard and graduated with my RN. Then came the “Who am I??” The answers came and still come as I get older.

After being a married adult for several years finally things slowed down and stabilized but I still had a lot of anxiety to deal with daily. Two new beliefs helped me not to worry so much.

I became a Christian early in life and went to church and read the Bible. I saw a verse that helped me start to change. Matthew 6:34 is “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

So that verse helped me to stop worrying some about the future. The faith that I gained was very helpful. If I tried to do my very best, even if I couldn’t be perfect, things would work out in my life. That verse helped me a lot.

Later I met my first real boyfriend, who later became my fiance and then husband. He told me something that helped tip the balance. Your emotions are subject to a lot of different factors: lack of sleep, stressful situations, anxiety, fear, low blood sugar, adrenaline, too many things to do or accomplish, someone being mad at you, and so forth.

So emotions are fleeting and temporary and not much help in making wise decisions other than escaping danger. So what can you depend on? Your inner voice, your soul, your intuition, however helpful guidance comes to you or however you name them. They are always there if you put the “emotions” aside and listen to the “still small voice” enough to think things through no matter what, if you can calm yourself down.

I figured out something that helped me a lot. If you are struggling with feelings, remember that feelings may change or be influenced by a number of things. What you know is always with you; sometimes you have to get through the feelings to find what your heart knows. You are never alone; Spirit is with you.

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