Falling Leaves

Golden Maple Tree
Golden Maple Tree

A certain little one loved the leaves of fall.

He had questions to ask, so he stood up tall,

Earnestly he asked them of the pre-fall trees.

“Why is Fall when you choose to lose your leaves?

Why drop your lovely cloaks now? Wait till spring!

Why have no leafy limbs when the wind’s chilling?

Street Light Seen Through Icy Limbs
Street Light Seen Through Icy Limbs

Knowing wintry storms could make you feel cold,

You’d stay warmer, if you kept your leaves, red or gold.

You’ll lose some leaves and twigs on a windy day,

But most leaves are well connected and will stay.

Having voiced his questions and his mind pleased,

He stood respectfully for an answer from the trees.

Full limbed tree with snow.
Beautiful Snow Laced Tree

The trees stood unmoved. Not a word did they say.

He thought, “They may not want to talk today.

I am certain they know something I do not.

Perhaps Mother Nature designed a better plot.

Perhaps in winter, trees sleep in winter’s chill.

The ones who grow leaves, their quotas did fill.

Streetlight through ice laden trees at night.
Streetlight through ice laden trees at night.

I pity the trees without warmth in cold weather.

I need to learn more about trees during winter.

A gold maple leaf fell to Little One’s feet from above.

Looking up to the tree he felt a sweet feeling of love.

Maybe the tree sensed his concern and protection.

He decided trees do what they need for their reasons. .

Sunlight on gold leaves

As he walked away sadly, a red leaf fell to his feet.

“Winter is for us to rest before we grow new leaves.  

In winter our Life Force goes down in our roots

Then returns in spring with blossoms and shoots.

No harm is done to next year’s leaves, you see,

We’ll be fine, Little One. Good bye and don’t worry.”

Reds of fall, Maple Leaf
Reds of fall, Maple Leaf

The trees knew how he felt, which was a good start.

He turned and left with lighter step and heart.

He would return to them at spring’s beginning,

When their Life force arose with new vigor and bring

New leaves and new flowers, if that be their role.

Little One was thankful for what he now did know.

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