How Do You Feel About Spiders?

In honor or horror of Halloween. This blog post is about spiders. Want a creepy scare? See video at bottom of post. Actually I like spiders as long as they are outside of my home. I try to respect all life but some lives are just not wanted in my abode. I also have one cat who eats the little ones! Yuck.Ā 

Creepy big spider in web
Yellow and black garden or writing spider

What would Halloween be without a creepy, strange spider picture or two?Ā  Over the last five years I have photographed a couple of peculiar spiders who can bring a shiver to some people. Actually their webs may be the scariest part!

How many of you have gone out to empty the trash at night or through the woods at dusk and have something soft brush against your face? When you aim a flashlight’s beam above you, you see a gigantic web with a big fat spider in the middle of it! Big enough to send you running with cold chills and goosebumps!

There are also the huge orb weavers, often seen on street signs or spanning between a tree and grass. They are really harmless, unless you injure yourself running away from them. These spiders have fat bodies and either sit in the middle of their web or sit on an attached branch with a monitor line to signal when they have a “guest”. They only eat bugs, but sure look creepy.

There is the spiny orb weaver also known as the “Smiley face spider.” This odd little being, re-spins its web every night and often takes down the web in the late morning. They can have a yellow, red or blue shell and look like little crabs.

Gasteracantha, "Spiny orb weaver"
Spiny Orb Weaver

Their webs are unique in that they leave little cottony blobs of web along the webs. The webs are somewhat kite and sometimes star shaped with long anchor lines to limbs in the trees and the ground.

While not local to North Carolina (thank goodness), one of the creepiest spiders is the Huntsman spider. In some parts of Florida they can live in your home, hanging around on the ceiling. That may not sound so creepy but there are two problems with them!

They can jump and they are fast. Wait, there are three problems with them, they can bite! Although not poisonous their bite is very painful and can cause nausea and vomiting and more. (So don’t miss when you try to capture one!)Ā  Oh, and problem number four is: a female’s egg sac can have over 200 little “darlings” in them!!

Another “fun fact” is the giant version can have a body up to 2 inches long and with their long legs, can extend to one foot in diameter, but those are usually in Laos, and other countries besides our own.

They are hunters so instead of spinning a web, they lurk on the sidelines, waiting to jump on their prey! Then they inject a chemical that turn their bug victims internal parts to goo!

Do not watch this video if you have a weak heart. You will startle and you may scream!

38 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Spiders?

  1. I love spiders! When I lived in Kauai we had a giant cane spider in the house. They’re really really huge and CREEPY, but they’re hunting spiders and will actually hunt cockroaches and are scared of people, so they are great to have around! Also, I didn’t realize you were from North Carolina! I grew up (age 10-18) in North Carolina and went to UNC Chapel Hill for a few months!

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    1. I like them and find them fascinating but not in my house. lol. Actually I am from Greenville, SC. But I have lived in NC for the last 33 years. Last year I moved to Cary but before that I lived in Fuquay-Varina for 12 years. I figure since most of my life has been in one of the Carolinas I am a true Carolinian. Chapel Hill is very near though. I love the Carolinas.

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        1. I love it. I sold my house last year 5 years after my husband died. I bought a 2 bedroom condo on NW Maynard St. Screened in porch, key in safety entry to building and awesome neighbors. Now I am only 15 minutes from my best friend and close to the places I like to go.

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  2. Creepy, indeed! I just can’t learn to like spiders, even though I know most won’t hurt me and even take care of other critters I don’t like. And certainly din’t like them in my house!Interesting post though…just hope I don’t dream of spiders!

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    1. Believe me, every time I’ve watched it, I squealed too!!! My niece lives in Florida and has the. She sprayed hairspray on one to immobilize it until her husband came to kill it. It started moving after a while!! Squeal!!!

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  3. I have no problem with spiders in the garden. In the house I am a bit more long as they are not poisonous I try not to kill them. We once had the brown jumping spider in the house, I had never seen those before and to be honest…I ran away with sirens on full blast ;o) Poor thing, probably was more scared of me than I was of her ) her I think, since it was so big) Great photos! Cheers, Johanna

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  4. While they can startle the Be-Jesus outa a person, spiders do a great service in the garden. I try to remember that as I go screaming for cover when I uncover one on the patio or in the garage. šŸ˜‰
    Thank you for swinging by the “Ranch.” we šŸ’– visitors, especially those who are creepy/crawly. LOL

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        1. Roaches and silverfish are pests though. I use my l9ng handled swifter to get the silverfish and a big cup and slide cardboard under it for roaches and crickets, and either put them outside or introduce them to my flushing “jacuzzi. “

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