Thankful For My Sons and Daughters

I have two sons and daughters for whom I am very thankful. My first son, M was born after a 4 year long wait. He was the center of my life for many years during many rough times and through most of my husband’s health problems. 

While he was a baby I worked night shift so I could care for him during the day, while his father worked till lunch. Then he would come pick M up so I could sleep.

On my days off I engaged M in fun activities. We went on field trips, played games, visited other kids, made mazes in the leaves, picked pecans from our two producing trees, and so much more. Often I drove us to the nearest playground which happened to be near a railroad station. He loved trains! 

Another activity we enjoyed was walking to the neighborhood library in our small town. Since we both loved books, I read lots of wonderful books, from Dr. Seuss to Berenstein Bears, to Spot, to so many others that I can’t remember. We spent hours reading together.  

M married a wonderful woman, Ce, whom he met through a friend they had in common. M and Ce have been married for five plus years, bought a house and are making a good life for themselves. They share common interests and enjoy time with friends. I am so thankful for his wife, Ce and we get a long wonderfully.

Since M and Ce live fifty miles to the west of me and each have their jobs, they treat me to lunch once about every other week or so. M calls me at least once a week on the way home from work, which is a twenty minute drive. They have a sweet, male golden retriever, who makes them both happy.

M has an ability to know what I need to hear if I feel overwhelmed or sad. His wonderful wife, Ce, who is a veterinarian, has given me support with my special needs cat. I feel their love for me and mine for them and am very thankful that they are in my life.

While M was in high school he meet his future brother, D. My second son, D, was a neighbor who lived a mile or more down the road. He grew up in a very difficult home life.

D and M became friends while riding the bus home after school. They bonded and became such good friends that they called each other Brother, or Bro. D often came home with M after school and we talked as they ate after school snacks together. He even did his homework there sometimes. D even came to our house to get ready for his first prom. 

D fell in love rather early with the lady of his dreams, Ca. Ca was a sweet bubbly teenager with a heart of gold. Later when he was 17 years old and she was 18 they came to tell us they wanted to get married.

Since D called me, “Mom” even back then I worried about the consequences of such an early marriage. So I warned them of the potential dangers of marriage between two such young people even though Ca was so sweet and they both were very intelligent.

But marrying Ca was the best choice he could have made in his life for a wife. They went to college together and have been married 15 plus years. My husband performed the ceremony. They have been amazing to watch as they grew together. They now have a six year old son who favors their mother; a second son, who is four and favors his daddy, and now a granddaughter, who is two, who favors both of them!

My home and my heart are filled with love for them all. They also love me too. We always seem to work together at meals on the holidays and enjoy each others’ company. I am so proud of my little family. And so thankful that my sons are good loving husbands and my “daughters” are good loving wives. And of course I am thankful for three adorable grandchildren.

When my husband died in 2009 I found out that he had been talking with D about life, education, politics and all the things D never heard from his parents. I was pleased and surprised that they had talked at least once a week while I was working 12 hour evening shifts at the hospital. My husband, M, Ca and I, all made an impact on D’s life; just as he did on ours. M agreed that he wanted me to adopt D, which I did after D’s parents died of health problems. So D is formally my son too. His wife became my first daughter in law. ( I prefer to call her and Ce “my daughters.”)

In 2014 D and Ca welcomed me to live with them for a month while my belongings were in storage, after I sold my house, until the purchase of my condo was completed. After living with them I was so pleased how they truly loved and treated me like family. In February 2016 after D’s parents had both passed away, I formally adopted him. His wife became my first daughter in law. (I prefer to call her and Ce my daughters.)

They both work mostly from home and share the care of their children with the help of Ca’s mother, who lives in a house at the front of their yard. They have a good life together. They also love me as much as I love them. I am so thankful that I adopted D.

D and Ca and their family live about an hour and a half from me. We get together every month because of their busy workload and lives with their children. I feel their love for me and am thankful. They know I love them all too.

Both of my sons and their wives and of course those sweet grandkids are a wonderful part of my life. I am so very thankful for them, their love, and the way they help me when I need help with computers, home repairs, life, cats, and more importantly moral support and love.      


7 thoughts on “Thankful For My Sons and Daughters

  1. What a beautiful story of selfless, enduring love.
    I would love to be that proverbial “fly on the wall” on this day of THANKS, for the blessings in our lives, and the people through whom those blessings flow.
    I was blessed to be raised in a very loving family, with 8 uncles. 8 Aunts, and the “countless” first cousins.
    All fine individuals.
    I’ve been working on my life’s story for a feature film due out? Late Fall 2021?
    I just started collaborations, and have launched a website, planning excerpts, music being considered for the film,
    I feel very strongly now, that the film should cover several families and individuals, that have been through many a “storm” on life, Sharing true stories about true struggles, addictions, abuses, etc,, in the hopes of reaching others that are, or have others that need the mpathy, hope, and lov,e ,,,
    As the. Working title of my film and book …
    Love IS Stronger
    (Love Wons)
    I would love to hear D’s Story,
    You may write
    Website in progress… Lol
    May you and yours be truly blessed,,,as you have blessed me on this “Thanks -Giving”
    God Bless,
    H. Bradley Colston

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    1. Thank you for your kind words.I spoke with my son and he appreciated your offer but chooses not to participate. Best wishes on your endeavors to share like stories of others’ lives.


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