Thankful for Soft Memories

Love and a loving touch can bring a baby peace..

I am thankful for my childhood memories. One memory is the sensation of touching soft things and the comfort they brought. Touching softness can illicit feelings of happiness, security, warmth, comfort, and/or peace.

Don’t believe me? How does a warm fuzzy soft blanket feel on a cold day? How does sitting with a warm, cat or dog sleeping in your lap while you lay back in your recliner make you feel?  

What started me on these meanderings? One night I was sleeping in a motel and grasped the blanket to tuck myself in. Suddenly I felt the coverlet’s velvety softness between my fingers. As I rubbed the fabric between my fingers, a flood of “soft” memories came to me.

Grandmothers Velvet Robe

Navy blue velvet robe
Similar to my grandmother’s robe.

Spending the night away from home, as a big girl of about 8 years old, by myself, at Grandmother’s house without my parents was a really special event. This particular night was a chilly one even though Grandmother K. always had plenty of quilts and a fire in the fireplace.

There was one source of warmth she had that I loved dearly. It was her navy blue, velvet bathrobe. I was pretty tall for my age and although she was taller than I was her bathrobe covered me perfectly from head to toe.

One afternoon when I was feeling chilly, I curled up under that robe to get warm. The pure bliss of softness from the texture of the fabric, which felt to me like the richest velvet ever made, caused me to marvel at how it could be so soft and so warm!

I am not sure if I took a nap or just wanted to snuggle up under that robe. But I still remember thinking to myself, “This robe is so warm it could keep me warm at the North Pole!” (I, of course, had no concept of how cold a real arctic freeze could be.)

But I grew up and found other warm things to wear. But sixty plus years later I still remember that robe.

 Me And My Smokey the Bear          Child and 1950's Smokey the Bear teddy bear    









My uncle gave me a Smokey the Bear teddy bear for my second or third Christmas. Smokey the Bear became my special companion. I took him with me wherever I went.

Smokey’s soft fur was always a comfort to me as a child. I think his protective attitude for the forest trees as seen in the television advertisements, (“Only you can prevent forest fires!”) must have rubbed off  on me. I grew into a tree lover. 

Later I went to school and grew up and married. Sadly, years after being stored in a box in our garage I had to throw my old friend away. He had been in a wet box from a flood of our garage for too long before I found him. I was so sad to lose him but my life was busy with other adult things like my husband, son, career, and church. So I had to throw him away and go on with my life. 

Years later when I was in my sixties, I saw the above picture of me and my Smokey the Bear. Suddenly it occurred to me that I might find one like him on the internet. I was thrilled to find one in decent shape just like my old one.

A Smokey the Bear Like the One I had as a Child.Smokey the Bear

The new old Smokey’s fur was loved off like mine. He was missing his hat, badge, and shovel too and his broadcloth(?) blue pants had old mildew stains on them. It wasn’t my old Smokey, but I was so excited that I cleaned and fixed him up as good as he would have been, had he originally been mine. (A post about him is coming in the near future.)  I feel happy knowing I gave him a second life and my inner child is happy to see her old friend again.  

The Touch of Softness

I can almost feel the softness of my cat, Norie’s hair, just by looking at the way light reflects from her luminous, black coat. Norie is not a lap sitter but she lets me stroke her head, nose, neck and back at different times which makes me feel relaxed and soothed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lotus-036.jpgSoft luminous Norie

The Most Precious Memory

Over three years ago I began to make a new set of soft memories after my first grandson’s birth.  Touching his newborn hair, head, face, and skin brought me so much joy!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2017-01-29-10.59.13.jpgLeo asleep in my lap. 

Later when he was about four months old he fell asleep in my lap while I was performing grandmother babysitting duties. I covered him with a wonderfully soft, burgundy blanket, that reminded me of my grandmother’s navy blue robe. Maybe someday he will have soft memories of sleeping on Grandmother’s bed or blanket like I remember my grandmother’s: as a place of warmth, comfort, love, and protection.

What a wonderful experience to be able to give and receive love, happiness, security, warmth, comfort, and/or peacefulness through the sense of touching softness! We all need that vital sense of touching others that we love, as well as being touched by those who love us. Give everyone you love a hug; hold them close and tell them you love them. These are memories we want our loved ones to have and we want to remember when we are old. 


16 thoughts on “Thankful for Soft Memories

  1. I have read many articles about how smell, hearing and sight elicit memories. But I have never read an article about touch. Something to really think about. I gave both my grandchildren blankets which became their favorite bedtime companion. It makes me happy to think of the connection between me and the blanket and the child.

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  2. Oh what a wonderful post, and the stories you chose to tell along with it are priceless. The power of touch is so very important. We all need it because it does provide us with a sense of safety and warmth. It gives us such a lovely feeling, which is why it is absolutely included in the sensory spectrum of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and kinesthetics [feelings]. The way you placed it however is far less clinical. Thanks for sharing!


  3. This is pure sweetness. You remind me of a beautiful soft creamy housecoat my mother had back in the days. It was just snuggly. I adore babies and they are certainly the softest and cuddlingest – if such a word exists – little humans. You are creating beautiful memories for him.

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  4. Oh my this is such a lovely post. I can feel all these things you describe. Your little grandson is such a sweetheart. We have a grandson who is now 3. Still quite soft but not so silky as when he was really tiny.

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    1. Thank you! I grew up in Greenville and still love those mountains and my “little town.” My grandfather started, Eagle Bus Line, the first bus line in SC. I am so proud of how Beautiful it is now. So glad you liked the pictures.


  5. Venus, what a cute picture that must have made. We need our stuffed toys to get through things when we’re little but can still give them a hug if we have them and need a little comfort. Thanks for commenting.


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