Open Minds Learn New Ideas

This is totally unrelated to Christmas. But it was an interesting exchange I experienced at the grocery store the other day.

Being a friendly person who enjoys meeting others at the grocery store, I occasionally speak to others if their attention is on the same product, (usually in the vegetable department) and especially if I feel the other person is relaxed and not in a hurry.

So I was looking at the tomatoes, trying to find a nice, big, round, red, ripe tomato to slice for my sandwiches. But all I saw were the small, red, elongated Roma tomatoes.

A three inch long Roma Tomato
A two and a half inch long Roma tomato

An elderly gentleman walked up and was looking at the Roma tomatoes too. As I was putting back one of the Roma tomatoes, trying to find one large enough to use on sandwiches. I commented as I gave up on the little tomatoes, “I wanted a large tomato for slicing to use on my sandwiches. These are too small.”

The kind, elderly man smiled and said with an African or Caribbean accent, “You can cut these tomatoes like this for sandwiches.” And he showed me how to cut them lengthwise, making each slice a larger size than the round discs I figured were inevitable with the little Romas. I was so stunned that I had never thought of, been shown or taught how to do this before! Where had this idea been all my life?

A sliced Roma Tomato
The way to cut a Roma tomato for a sandwich.

I shared my experience with an older neighbor who was just as surprised as I was at the ingenuity of this “new(?)” way of cutting small tomatoes.

I was so impressed and grateful to this gentleman for teaching me three lessons:

  • Experiment with new ways of doing things.
  • Keep an open mind to new ideas.
  • Don’t stay stuck in old ideas or methods.

I had never cut tomatoes any way but width wise or diced. Now I have a new way to cut any tomato.

It is a good thing to try new ways of doing things and to learn something new that you didn’t know.

Just out of curiosity: did you already know this? I wonder how many others didn’t know this.

8 thoughts on “Open Minds Learn New Ideas

  1. I honestly don’t know if it would’ve dawned on me or not. I assume so cause I’ve never been taught one correct way to slice a tomato. What a great gentleman to help you out like that.

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