One Little Child

One Little child

I published this blog post first on June 30, 2019. I am reposting it because I want all of us to remember some major points of our survival.

The news that morning told of violent actions done by people who were filled with hate, fear and prejudice against those of different races or cultures. I thought of all the news about flooding, dwindling populations of various life forms on our planet and the seeming lack of concern from so many people about it all.

I was waiting for a friend for lunch at a family restaurant. I knew she had had a bad week coping with problems from her aging parents’ life changes as well as the stresses of being a nurse too. The whole world felt pretty messed up.

Soon a waiter escorted a family to a table beside ours. There were two kids, a chubby baby girl, about 7 months old in a high chair who was sitting by her father. The grandmother sat on his other side. Across from the table sat the grandfather, who held a little boy about 3-4 years old. The children’s mother sat by the grandfather.

The baby started making all kinds of urgent, loud vocalizations and indicated she wanted some of her father’s bread. He laughed at her squeals and put a small piece of bread on her tray.

As soon as one bite was consumed, she vociferously let it be known that she wanted more and instantly! I was pulled into the delightful scene and laughed out loud at the baby’s antics. I exchanged several comments and laughed with the father, since he was closest to me.

I became so wrapped up in the baby’s communications and the family’s laughter that I forgot about the world and feeling blue. Then a new and happy feeling came over me.

The father of the children was African American. Their mother and her parents were Caucasian. I basked in the warm glow of family love! These people knew what love was and race and color did not matter! They each obviously loved those grandchildren and from their physical expressions and communications, I could tell everyone loved each other.

I grew up being taught not to divide people into races, colors, religions, or creeds. This family obviously felt the same way. After all of the hate, prejudice, pain, suffering, weather disasters going on in my world, I found one little island of love. That love nourished my soul and made me so happy to witness it.

One day there won’t be people of color or whites, or blacks or whatever. There will just be people who are trying to make a life for themselves and their families. The obvious love each member of this family had for each other and especially for those children, gave me hope. We were all made the same way!

One thing I believe is we owe it to our kids to leave the world better than we found it, not worse! These children, no matter what race, color or religion are our world’s hope!

These children will grow into the adults who will be taking care of us oldsters someday. I hope to feel confidence and trust in their judgments, wisdom and learned ways of handling life that hopefully we and/or their parents are teaching them.

I had hope again. These little children along with all the other children of the world are our hope. They are the one’s who will be more resourceful, wiser, more caring, and they or their children will make this world a better place. Thank God for children and the hope they bring for newness and healing.

7 thoughts on “One Little Child

    1. So glad you liked the post! My grandsons 1 and 3 years old inspire me to want to make the world better than I found it. But in all honesty I think of all children as my grandchildren. I will protect any child as if they were mine. I wish more people had those feelings for all the children of the world.


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