A Unique And Delightful Christmas

Originally, my family Christmas plans were to be with my own family. But due to circumstances beyond our control I spent Christmas Eve with one neighbor/friend’s family and Christmas day with another neighbor/ friend’s family.

M, my oldest son, was going to pick me up and drive me to see my second son, D and his family by Christmas morning an hour and twenty minutes from my home. From his home, M drove fifty minutes to get to my home. His wife C, a veterinarian, was on call for the day, so she stayed home to be available for urgent calls.

Well, four days before Christmas, after M came home from work, he told us he had been exposed by two co-workers who had tested positive for Covid.

Being the thoughtful son he is, he did not want to drive me to see my second son, for fear of giving the Covid to me or his brother and family. M had a mild headache but just tested negative. Since the incubation period is anywhere from two to fourteen days, he did not want to be around family until he knew absolutely that he was negative for Covid.

I considered driving myself to see my second son’s family. Then I heard on the news that on Christmas day, the road and time (2:30 to 4PM) I would be driving home, would be the very worst time to be out on the road. Also the wind chill factor would also make the weather feel like being in the teens. With those two conditions against me I did not want to drive to see my second son’s family with those risky factors.

Me, at 71, driving alone in weather that felt like sub- freezing and coming back at the busiest time for others returning home too, made me wonder what could happen with the possibility of more cars, tired people coming home from a trip during the busiest time of the day on such a day. There was also the higher risk of traffic jams and accidents. So I decided to wait until M and his wife, C could go with me to visit my second son and family.

Thankfully I was invited to Christmas Eve by a sweet neighbor from downstairs. She has four daughters and they invited me to come for supper that day and Christmas Day. I made a fruit, whip cream salad and brought it to the supper. Everyone was so much fun, interesting and conversational. Two husbands and four young adults along with the four sisters made the evening delightful.

I had experienced being with Miss E’s families many different times. They knew I had helped their mother out when she wasn’t feeling well. They told me I was part of the family and I should come eat with them.

Then on Christmas afternoon and evening I was invited by another neighbor to go with her to visit with her wonderful daughter, son in law, and their awesome teenagers. Their son is a junior in high school who plays Lacrosse and a thirteen year old daughter, who was perfectly charming. They also have two dogs who were friendly.

We talked and shared introductions, stories, plans, and experiences. I had to mention that we had actual Italian food for supper, which was scrumptious. I felt so welcomed and almost like one of the family. I even got hugs from each one of them.

I totally enjoyed being with both families and was treated like an old friend or relative. I couldn’t have been treated with more openess, friendliness, and interest by these kind, loving people. It was a unique but lovely Christmas.

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