How to Live a Good Life

by Melodie Elaine Estes

Pink lotus
Beautiful pink lotus
To quest: for that knowledge that will help me to grow.
To learn: with an open mind the things I need to know.
To observe: with wisdom and open mind the thoughts to ponder. 
To give thanks: with heart and senses, full of wonder.

To renew: daily the joy of new sights, smells, tastes and sounds. 
To be filled: with such thanks that my love and joy abounds. 
To hear: each bird's calls and songs in the morning hours;
To observe: the beauty of all nature, trees and flowers.

To listen: to the rise and fall of the evening cicadas' choirs.  
To enjoy: the highs and lows of the night frogs' croaking chorus.
To use: my nose to savor every flower's sweet floral scent, 
To remind: of the honeysuckle that grew on our yard's fence. 

To give: with open hands, sharing with my sister and my brother. 
To help: listening to know how to provide support for one another.
To be open: to the needs of the suffering and give assistance.  
To be wise: to know when and how to give compassion and wise advice.

To live a life of love: for all, Creator, the Earth, and my Earth family.
To be considerate and kind: to show compassion, help the lonely or needy. 
To befriend: the downtrodden, not thinking about their religion or race.
To see: all as friends or family, regardless of sex or color of their face. 

To learn: how to care for the life of our home planet, Earth.
To save: it for future generations, so there will be no dearth. . 
To know: we are responsible to do our best to love and to save it.
To see: that we and all of creation are loved by one Great Spirit.

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