Resolutions And Thanks

Writing for me started when I connected with a group of people from diverse backgrounds on a community chat site. We shared our experiences, questions about anything from safe travel routes on icy roads, to what insect was eating someone’s hibiscus flowers over night. We shared funny stories, family events and supported each other when one of us lost a spouse or family member and even when someone was sick. It was a “very friendly” Facebook kind of place. After several years it went down hill due to some rude people. The good folks left then reconnected on Facebook.

Within the original setting I shared stories about my grandmother, shared my feelings about my husband’s death, and even shared funny life experiences. My friends enjoyed my stories and responded quite positively.

At the time my husband was going through a lot of emotional changes due partly to his illness. He was irritable, depressed and just trying to survive emotionally and physically. So between my local friends and these people I found a place of fellowship and acceptance to recharge myself.

Blogging Goals Emerge

My husband died over ten years ago. The following year the loss of my career as a nurse due to health reasons made me feel purposeless. I was used to helping my patients, being productive, talking with and listening to others.

I wanted to make a difference in the world. Sharing stories like I did before became a driving factor in my life, regardless of how many or how few were reading them. So began my blog, .

Motivation for Blogging

I became focused on writing my blog for two reasons: I wanted to do what I could (even though it would mostly affect my own little world) to help make the world a better place. Spreading positivity, love, wisdom, humor and an uplifting word or two to help those who might need them, were my offerings to those needing or wanting to read my messages.

Another motivation was to share some of the experiences I lived through with my husband’s descent into illness. I hoped to help not only others in similar situations, but myself as well.

Through my writing I began to see more clearly how my life was affected by emotional abuse. Later I wrote to show how I was healing and coming to grips with the damage that had been done. I hoped my sharing would help others know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that their lives could be better too.

Challenges to Blogging

With these noble goals in mind I needed to connect with other bloggers. Part of my mission was to read the blog posts of other bloggers and encourage and support where I could.

I have “followers” and friends in the United States, the United Kingdom, Arabia, India, and even in New Zealand. Some of the followers signed on just so I would follow their blogs, which is not unreasonable. Then there are some who follow my posts through this site or on my page on Facebook.

But with limited time I only followed the blogs that I truly connected with in subject matter and interests. I wanted to enjoy  reading the thoughts of others from different countries, cultures and beliefs. Soon I had the daunting number of 70 plus blogs needing to be read daily along with the other emails I received.


While taking a class designed to promote writing skills and journaling, I was reminded that I should write because I enjoy it. Well some of the joy had faded. I became discouraged after three years and felt like I wasn’t helping anyone. Aside from helping others, writing my blog should be something that makes me feel good too.

I tried to follow a schedule so I was posting something every two to three days. I tried to keep up with the blogs of my readers, even tried reading two or three a day. But the blogs of followers became a mile long list of reminders of my failures to keep up with my obligations. After all if I didn’t read their blogs, how could I expect them to read mine?


I was somewhat discouraged that although I had almost 300 followers, it seemed that about 50 were actually reading, “liking,” or responding in any way to my blogs. I admit that I don’t read everyone’s blogs but I try to read a few when I can.

I also didn’t follow everyone who followed me. I never wanted to collect readers for the sake of numbers. I want to share my stories and try to make the world a better place. I want to make people smile or laugh or think, or feel happier.

Rebirth of Joyful2beeblogs

So I decided that I will write when I have something I want to share. I will continue in the same vein of positive, inspiring, funny or interesting posts. I will read the blogs of others when I can. I hope you will continue to enjoy my posts. Please do forgive me for re-posting some blogs but the newer followers may not have looked through the whole long list of blogs that I wrote in the last seven years.

Thank You

Thank you to those who have supported my blogs in different ways; sharing, reading, liking or commenting. You are all appreciated.

Thanks also to those who have sampled my blogs and liked even one blog, because I hope you found a little piece of happiness or wisdom from my blog.

To those of you are frequent readers and commenters: you have encouraged me on my mission by your many kind words of support and given me the affirmation that we all need some times. Your words have made me thrilled, overjoyed, heartwarmed, and helped reaffirm in me the mission that I began. Thank you all. You all make my day with your support and comments.

I hope to continue to interest you and earn your faith in me. I will in turn try to be better about reading more of your blogs’ posts too and commenting when I can.

8 thoughts on “Resolutions And Thanks

  1. I think this is a brilliant plan, joy. I always enjoy reading your blog and I love the idea of just posting when you are inspired to do so. You’re right, it should bring you joy and not make you feel guilty, behind or feel like work. Happy new year 🎈

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  2. Blogging is a journey. I was much like you. At first I tried to reciprocate but found that many people who follow were just starting and didn’t have a post up yet. Now I have well over 5,000 followers and there is no way I could follow (and like you found out, most are ghosts). We all end up with a dedicated group of somewhat like minded people. That’s good enough for me. I can’t remember the last time I checked stats. It’s just not meaningful to me. I can’t keep up with bloggers who post several times a day so I read the ones the interest me most. I have enjoyed your stories and admire your tenaciousness. You have overcome a lot of difficulties but have continued to make a happy life for yourself. More people should be like you.

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    1. Kate, thank you so much! It took me a while to realize that my writing was also helping me to verbalize better and to figure things out. I get stubborn sometimes. LOL, But I can still get the message. You have said some very wonderful things about me and my blog. I really appreciate you, your comments and your kind support. There is a lot to learn about blogging, life, and myself that I have left to learn. Thank you again for inspiring me. Happy New Year!!

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