Who are you?

I am taking a left turn here in this post compared to all of my previous posts. Excuse me while I get on my soapbox. I may be “preaching to the choir” here but I need to vent.

I heard and read on several occasions from various sources that some women write about, or to, female newscasters complaining about their appearance. I haven’t heard of compliments on how attractive they are or how well dressed they are. But I have heard how some women, and probably some men, point out that a newscaster is getting pudgy, or isn’t wearing her hair like they think she should, or isn’t wearing stylish enough or flattering enough clothes or whatever their detractors think they should do.

Female newscasters face all kinds of threats and even harassments. One complaint I read is about their appearance. “She’s put on weight!” “She’s too fat, (too old, too young, too skinny, not pretty enough, not smart enough is to be a newscaster.” Or “I don’t like her hair, clothes, accent, inexperience!”

Why in the world do some of us think we have the right to criticize someone doing their job, especially one we haven’t the slightest idea how to do ourselves? I heard of complaints about one female weather person in another state being criticized for being too fat, when she was just a little overweight! Or there are people who speak their opinions to the newscasters themselves.


Considering how women have made great strides in progressing to higher positions in different fields, I don’t understand the vitreol with which other women (and men) criticize their race, color, ethnicity, size, or appearance. We women wanted to stop being expected to look like glamorous models in the past; so why are we attacking each other? Why do we place someone who is doing their job in “a box of expectations to be perfect.” NO ONE IS PERFECT! Can’t we see other people, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or beliefs as simply other people?

Also remember that your daughters and sons are listening to every word you say in their presence. If you are judging others, whether they be male or female, you may convey to your child that they aren’t good enough either. Or you may teach them to criticize or even hate people of different characteristics from them. Let’s try to be kind and teach our children to be kind by not comparing ourselves or our children to other people or children. Kids need to be taught to appreciate more about wo the other person is and how they treat others instead of how the other kids or adults look.

Remember the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” What do your actions, words, treatment of other people teach your children, whether they are adults or teenagers or little ones.

I was taught when you criticize someone, even just in your own mind, you are deficient in confidence or some other trait and are building up your own self image (or compensating for that deficit) by tearing someone else down. An example: “Well at least, I know how to… better than she does.”

Let’s try to be more tolerant of others; more supportive of those who are doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Let’s try to be kind to others and teach kindness to our kids too. Accept others as they are if they are different from you in appearance, beliefs or clothing. Try to see other people as people, not someone placed on this earth so you can critcize them. Learn to love others as you love yourself. No one of us perfect!

10 thoughts on “Who are you?

    1. Thank you, Morag. There is so much hate, rage and pain in my country right now. I want to do something about it. The best I can do about it all is pray, not hate, but be full of love and light to spread to others.


    1. Thank you. Not intending to get off on another topic but too much of our lives revolve around television. I think those shows that put people through life threatening experiences are horrible! I wonder why people enjoy watching others going through horrible experiences. Just my opinion.

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      1. Sounds like a great topic to write about! I rarely watch television. I pick and choose what I want to follow on FB. I want to be informed and I don’t want to be overwhelmed by all of it.

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