Aging with Style and Panache

My very unique and special Aunt Helen, my father’s sister, passed away recently at the age of 92. The way she lived her life and especially her senior years continue to influence my life as I continue into my senior years.

A happy Aunt Helen.

Aunt Helen, six years before her death

After Grandpapa died Grandmother and Aunt Helen enjoyed their lives. Much later Grandmother became frail and had a stroke. Aunt Helen stayed by her side and took care of her the rest of her life. Grandmother died at 84 when Aunt Helen was about 64 and adapted to her new life after grieving for her mother.

Interestingly I took care of my husband after he had a stroke from which he recovered but died 6 years later. I unconsciously incorporated some of her lifestyle into mine after my husband’s death in 2009 when I was 58. The following are some lifestyle paths she implemented that helped me discover my own life.

Be Around People!

Since Aunt Helen loved being around people she enjoyed social activities. Aunt Helen loved to eat out and go see movies with her friends. I always enjoy going out to lunch or movie with my friends too. But sometimes I eat out or go see a movie by myself. I can be very charming with myself. (LOL)

Broaden Your Mind

Aunt Helen took classes about computers and art and even painted an ocean, beach scene with oils (which is now mine).

Oil painting of sandy beach by Aunt Helen.
Aunt Helen’s beach with sea oats and sea gulls.

I took two watercolor classes along with other classes at the local senior center. And more recently painted a beach scene with acrylic paint.

Colorful ocean scene with full moon.
My acrylic painting of a full moon over the ocean.

My father, her brother, joined Aunt Helen in a class on how to use computers. He was 6 years older than she was! I took a class on how to use WordPress at 60.

Aunt Helen also traveled with my parents after us kids were married. They went to Hawaii, Georgia and other great places.


Volunteering, as a greeter at some community building downtown, kept her active, provided a challenge for her to learn new situations and engaged her in social events. After I retired I volunteered at the local chamber of commerce. After moving to my new home I volunteered at the Cat Angel Thrift Store every week, meeting people, shopping and pricing some unique items. .

Stay Physically Active

Swimming was one form of exercise that Aunt Helen loved. At the YWCA she found social interaction, exercise and fun. All of this was when she passed the age of 60! But she also loved square dancing, dancing the fox trot and samba too.

Like my Aunt Helen I enjoyed dancing but dancing of a different kind. I taught myself how to belly dance from videos which I enjoyed during a much earlier period of my life.

On one visit Aunt Helen wanted to learn some about belly dancing too. So I showed her how. We had so much fun and Daddy was so pleased that, even though he had dementia, he took pictures of us posing with veils.

My 70 year old Aunt Helen and I posing with veils.
My 70 year old Aunt Helen and I posing with veils.

Last year at 67 I took belly dancing classes. My instructor arranged for a performance and we practiced the steps and movements. Finally earlier this year I performed in the costume I hand-sewed from a matching sari and skirt. I cut the sari part to cover the bra and make straps. The skirt worked well as it was. I also wore a wig for a more exotic look. (Hopefully.)

Turquoise and sliver belly dancing costume from a sari.
Me in a wig and belly dancing costume, ready to perform.

Challenge Your Brain  

We both loved working on crossword puzzles and cryptograms. I have developed an interest in Sudoku, which I play on my Kindle. But I play crosswords with friends on Facebook too.

When she inherited her share of her father’s property, she, her mother, and brothers made their incomes from the properties. Aunt Helen proved herself to be a shrewd business woman, considering she had had no formal training and was running her rental property on her own with little or no help. That in itself was quite a mental challenge.

After having to retire from nursing due to health reasons, I started a photography business; , wrote for an online news site. For three years I was a photojournalist for the local newspaper and did photography when hired. Twenty-one of my photos were used to advertise for a new development near my town. I was a proud small business woman!! 

Major Life Style Changes

A bad auto accident left Aunt Helen unable to dance for several years. Her dementia, which she had hidden well, became more pronounced so she needed extra care. So she was placed in a care facility with sitters.

Her love for dancing faded for several years or so I thought. Once she recovered physically enough to do so, she began to dance at special occasions there. I once asked her if she had found any men with whom she could dance at the care facility. Her reply: “No, none of them can keep up with me.” That was my Aunt Helen!

Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Be around children. Aunt Helen always loved children. A friend, whom we now call, Sister, brought her baby to visit Aunt Helen while she was in the nursing home. Aunt Helen later enjoyed the grandnieces and nephews when they came from Brooklyn.

Aunt Helen and great niece.
Aunt Helen and great niece.

She could be really goofy and playful, which is a trait I also inherited. I also can relate well with children and they seem to like me too. We both have/had active “inner children.”

Aunt Helen wasn’t perfect, but who is? She was my Aunt Helen. She was very dear and special to all of her family no matter how young. She taught me it is important to adapt to the situation you are placed in and enjoy life, and love your family.

15 thoughts on “Aging with Style and Panache

    1. Thanks, Beth. She was funny, and owned property she rented. She loved us grandkids. She told me and each of my two sisters that we each were her favorite niece. After she died we were talking about her and found out that she told each us we were her favorite nieces. We laughed when we found out that she had told each us were her favorite so we would feel special.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your aunt Helen’s passing. What a beautiful smile and she was very pretty. What a strong and wonderful lady for you to look up to and learn from.

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