Goodbye Little Sister

Norie and Sister asleep together.

About 2012 I adopted the sweetest, female, gray, tabby cat named Buster. Her owner had developed a severe allergy to her and accepted my offer to give her a new home with my cat, Norie.

I changed her name to Sister. She and Norie, with time became good friends.

Sister started being thirsty and hungry all the time. In her exam, tests and blood work it was determined that she had a pituitary tumor that caused diabetes. Her blood sugar was quite high, I think 300.

So we started her on two different insulins twice a day with two different needle/syringes. And blood draws monthly to adjust the glucose monthly.

After a year of this her blood sugar had gone down by 100 points. I was ecstatic.

But the next month, her glucose went back up. I knew then I couldn’t afford more labs, insulin and syringes.

The week before this, she started spending only brief periods in my lap. She used to sleep there. She pulled away from me when I gave her the two injections.

She was telling me it was time for her to go. Since she hated going to the veterinarian after all those visits, I was given the name of a group who would come to my home and put her at ease and then euthanize her.

The doctor came and explained the procedure to me. I held Sister with my arms around her like I did when I gave her her insulin.

The first medicine she got was to sedate her. She was drowsy and relaxed. I said my goodbyes as I sobbed and held her close to me there on the table.

The doctor told me she would give her the medicine that would cause her death. I cried and sobbed as I saw her go limp.

I then picked Norie up to see that Sister was dead. I didn’t want her to go looking for her and not understand where Sister had gone. Norie sniffed her paw and was ready to get down. We both knew that Sister was gone.

I sobbed as I wrote this because I do love Norie. But Sister was the most affectionate cat of the two. She never bit or scratched me. She would sleep on one side of my pillow and Norie on the other. I tear up every time I think about her and this happened about 4 years ago.

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Little Sister

    1. Thank you, Leah. I think about her still. I don’t love Norie less, because I love her for who she is. She loves me by checking for silverfish in the bathroom every morning. I only see one once a month but she faithfully “protects” me from them. They were different but I loved each one for who they were/are.

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  1. Beautifully written dear friend.
    Teared up with you as our beloved rescue dog, although he lived to 20 years, had to be euthanised in the end. We love them so much we will always hold them in our hearts, and Murphy and Sister will always love us. Truly xx

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    1. Thank you so much! You are so right! I have many photos of her with my first cat, Norie, who is still with me. She loves me too and I continue to enjoy her.


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