Who Am I?

Joyful2bee MEE
Joyful2bee MEE





I embrace my kookiness! I am me!

I love myself, people, animals and life.

I am a spiritual woman who is not afraid of new ideas and willing to learn and adapt.

I occasionally face some anxiety from my past relationship but it is under control.

I am open minded, respectful and accepting of others’ cultures, beliefs and religions.

I love this Earth and pray for her and her inhabitants. I respect and treasure all life. But don’t allow harmful lives into my life or my home.

I love the One responsible for making this Earth, however the Creator did it.

I am a thankful, caring, loving person who wants peace, both inner and outer for all.

I do have trouble forgiving anyone who is cruel or purposefully negligent of a dependent, whether the dependent be wife, husband, child, animal, sentient being or an Innocent of the world.

I try to believe those who enjoy the suffering of others are sick or broken in some horrible way. I try to pray that they will find the way to healing and peace someday. But I admit I don’t pray this often enough.

I try to make a difference in the world by making a difference in the little part of the world that I live in by being kind, helpful, non judgmental, supportive, friendly and positive as often as possible.

I try to show the love of God to others. I believe we, as a world are one dysfunctional family who needs to find more love and acceptance for each other.

I cherish the beauty and wonder of the little things in life: the softness of a cat’s fur; the laughter of children; the beauty of a sunrise; the amazing way a spider knows how to spin its web. There are so many life forms that survive in such wondrous ways.

I am thankful for my life and marvel at its growth and development: scars, wrinkles, joys, sorrows, and all of the experiences I have had. They all merged into one person and made me me!

I am grateful to the multitudes of people who are making a difference! Those who are kind and thoughtful, compassionate and empathetic. To those who go the extra mile to help others. May they be blessed.

I am grateful to those who love the often unlovable, the elderly, the sick, the grumpy: they will grow spiritually and as  humans, whether they are able to impact the lives of others or not. By their own gained wisdom, patience and understanding they too will make the world a better place just by being themselves.

I am thankful to all who are working in positive ways to make our Earth a better place.

I am frequently amazed at this world and the lives of its inhabitants, which are so varied in culture, religion, and lifestyle. We are a family. We were/are “wondrously made.”

36 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    1. Thank you!! Please do share it. I make no money from my blog, but it gives me a chance to help, inspire, bring some wisdom, joy, or humor into someone’s day when they need it. That is my payment! Hugs!!

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    1. Thank you, Boundlessblessings! I had a wonderful childhood with lots of love, made it through a marriage with a husband who had mini-strokes that changed his personality and yet I am still the proverbial Happy Camper. I have had time to heal, but get great joy from helping others through my blog. Thank you!!


    1. Thank you so much. Looks like we feel alike about life a travels. I love to help people too. I want to read some of your posts now. You sound fascinating and loving. I have two adult sons, one has two children with his awesome wife with one on the way. My oldest son has Been married 3 years. He is 6 ft. 6 ” tall and married a Puerto Rican lady who studied to be a veterinarian and is 5 foot tall. Thankfully both sons married good women who love them and love me. I am happy. Where do you live?

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      1. Hi, thank you I live in South Africa, Cape Town and my eldest is married and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is an artist and crafter. The younger daughter lives in Wimbledon, England with her fiance. She studied environmental management and is looking for permanent work at the moment. They are both with wonderful men that suit them well which makes me really happy. My father was Scottish so I have lots of cousins in the UK. this is part of the attraction for my children. I am enjoying your blog too as I feel a kindredness. Where do you live?

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        1. Wow! That must be an interesting place to live! I am part Scottish too. My great grandmother on my mother’s father’s side was Scottish and was 6 foot tall. My husband and his brothers were red haired and 6’2″ tall. But our son is 6 ‘6″ ! I am proud of my Scottish heritage. I love hearing a Scottish brogue. And my mother’s mother was an Alexander. I find this all fascinating. Thanks. I do believe we may have even more in common. Are you on Facebook? I live near Raleigh, North Carolina in the east of USA. But I grew up in South Carolina; lived in New Orleans for 8 years, and Mississippi for one year. Then North Carolina the last 36 years.


          1. Yes Cape Town is a beautiful place and not too built up compared to London and the like. My Scottish family are Armstrongs and Caldwells. That is amazing to hear about your Scottish roots. I am also very proud of my Scottish heritage. I got absolute chills when you mentioned that are connected to the Alexander family. I have Alexander connections on my mother’s side. The family tree goes all the way back to the 1500 but they were living in the south of England for some reason. My ancestor moved to st Helena Island in 1568+ – and then generations later in 1800 +- Charlotte my great grandmother moved to cape-town.

            It sounds like you have lived in some beautiful places too. Although I don’t really know America that well. It would be nice to know more. I am on Facebook Morag Noffke and also on Instagram Morag_armstrong_noffke.

            Let’s see where this leads 😊

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            1. Going there now. I never understood instagram. I may have an account. Not sure anymore. I have a lot of ancestors from Great Britain and some from Wales according to Ancestry DNA.And some Scandanavin. My cousin has very white hair. My hair was white as a little girl. This is so fascinating. I am pretty sure I had some Irish heritage too. My ancestors settled more in the Appalachian mountains and some were coal miners. My younger sister knows a lot about our ancestors. I will go to Facebook now! So nice to meet you!


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