Get Up and Go!

I know I am getting older. I have this growing tendency to get in a rut. I love to get relaxed in my cozy recliner with my cat in my lap, watching old movies, eating the same foods I’ve eaten before and BORED…..but comfortable.

I am certain that some of you who are getting up in years (over 60) have various complaints or reasons for not taking people up on invitations to go somewhere or do something a little different from your “rut”ine activities.

Have you made some of these excuses for not going when you really wanted to but were afraid to? The list goes on and on.

I don’t want to be gone that long.

My house needs cleaning.

It might rain on the concert.

I am too tired.

It’s too much trouble.

I had a busy week and need to take a day off.

What if I have a heart attack on the cruise?

What if…..?

Often we need to change our attitudes about non routine activities especially when someone we love and who loves us is suggesting we do something fun. If a close friend or family member invites us to go somewhere, that person knows us pretty well. They aren’t likely to invite us to go on a trip that would be bad for us. You wonder how I know all about this?

My friend, Darlene, is 10 years younger than I am. She is close to retiring from nursing in five or so many years and has back problems. So she knows personally the back problems and limitations imposed on me with my back issues. We have gone on many trips together. We flew to Denver for a photography class for me; we’ve been to Virginia Beach, Carolina Beach, Top Sail Beach, Asheboro Zoo. We always have fun.

I enjoy outdoor concerts at a nearby amphitheater. Now that I am older and have experienced several concerts with outdoor seating during a deluge of rain, I check the weather first. I try to prepare for rain, cold or bugs. But in retrospect, being soaked was not such a bad thing really. I could always wear bug repellent.

Considering I went to another concert last year that was so hot and humid, I hardly enjoyed the music. Rain means I am cooler though wet. Yet every time my friend invites me to a musical, outdoor event, I still check the weather. (Am I becoming an old fuddy duddy?)

Several years ago I was wishing I could do something fun and interesting and different! I was so bored! Two months later I had laparoscopic surgery and had to lie around the house, resting and healing for at least two weeks. Once I could be active again, my heel spur, plantar fasiciitis, and Achilles tendinitis flared up together! I iced, elevated, and rested till I couldn’t do it any more!  So I walked with a cane to help take some weight off of my poor foot.

When my buddy called to see if I wanted to go hear the “Doobie Brothers” and “Chicago” I hesitated. Should I with a messed up foot? Wait did she say the “Doobie Brothers and Chicago” were playing!!?? These were two of my favorite groups from my late teens!! I never saw them live!! “Yes! When do I need to pick you up?”

Since I had a handicap placard, we parked in the handicapped parking lot, which saved me a lot of walking. We went up some steps but I went slowly and carefully. Yay!! We made it! I was a bit sore the next day, but it was so worth it!! I was so glad that I said,” yes!!”

Here is a clip of a 2017 showing on Good Morning America.

Here is a link to Chicago’s website:

These guys are in their fifties to seventies but they were rocking!! So many memories from my late teenage and early adult years, my first love and future husband! The weather was perfect, we were comfortable and grooving to the music. Once I got seated on the hill in my chair, I was loving the concert! I shudder to think of all the fun I would have missed!

My friend has been on lots of cruises and wants me to go on one later this fall with her. Already my mind is reluctantly, hemming and hawing. Thinking up reasons I shouldn’t go, the thoughts of omnipresent disasters: a hurricane, rainy, stormy weather, sea sickness, illness; all of which could make that vacation investment a total loss!

Then I worried: What if I can’t sleep at night and end up sleeping the next morning away? What about my cat? She has to have her medicines but I have another cat owner with whom I am swapping sitting services. But what if they get sick while I am gone? What if I spend too much money? Do I have enough money to go??

There come the questions again!

When I spoke to my friend Darlene about all of this, knowing me like she does, she replied, “What if those things don’t happen? You could miss a wonderful time!”

My brother has reminded me that any of us could die tomorrow; so what good would the money we worked for do us sitting in a bank, if we’re dead and never enjoyed it.

I know not everyone can do everything they want to do, but we can allow ourselves some simple pleasures every now and then. Not all happiness is to be bought. We can find joy in the beauty of life, flowers, people’s hearts, new knowledge, going for a walk and seeing things we never noticed before.

Pursue joy. Search for fun things to see and do. Get up and GO-O-O-O!

20 thoughts on “Get Up and Go!

  1. I have to say that the ‘what ifs’ are a party pooper! I hate when I get all caught up in my imagination. And, if I have to, why don’t I imagine fun?

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  2. Yeah!! Going to send good thoughts your way for no surgery. I have two friends who had really good results resolving their PF using something called One Stretch ( And I promise I get no kickbacks for the recommendation… I want you on that cruise next fall!! 🙂

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  3. I mostly make excuses when I’m not excited about doing something. If there is something I truly want to see or attend, I do it. I stopped doing things to please other people. Our neighbors love jazz. We don’t. After doing a couple of dinner concerts with them, I told them that we don’t enjoy the music. I miss the dinner part with them but sitting through 90 minutes of jazz music wasn’t worth it. I’ve also seen a lot of things I wanted to see and don’t have any interest in seeing them again. I, too, check the weather before going to a festival or outdoor activity. I’m cranky if I’m not comfortable. I’ve sat in freezing rain for a concert that wasn’t worth it a few times. Maybe I’ve lost that adventure spirit but I’m OK with that. I can’t get my husband to take a cruise and that I regret but the beach beckons and we both like that.


  4. Like you, I’m getting older. I actually enjoy being a “home-body,” and rarely get bored. Admittedly, I spend a great deal of time watching Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. I realized from a very young age that as a highly visual human being, I enjoy watching moving pictures. I don’t veg on my shows or movies, I actually learn from them, and have even written blogs posts related [love blogging] to them. I rarely go out, but when I do I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. The thing is, many people I know want me to accompany them to places that they enjoy, so I have to choose wisely when, where, and if, I want to go for the company, as opposed to the event, or interaction.

    I no longer care for braving slippery roads, damp temperatures/weather, large crowds, or bugs. Yet, I do make an effort to be sociable despite what I don’t like about being there. Unless you really want to be totally a-social you have to develop strategies for making the outing enjoyable for you before accepting. I typically go because I enjoy being in the company of certain people more than anything. This is because I know that soon I’ll be back at home doing what I prefer to do, while also having had a nice visit with them, no matter where we go.

    Spur of the moment outings & early time of day excursions are my Achilles heel. Most folks are in bed early. I’m a night owl, so getting up at the crack of dawn to go do something doesn’t bode well with me. I can do it, but prefer not too. Plus, I like to straighten up around the house before going away. So, I’m really up at the crack of dawn to make an early morning outing. Boo hiss!

    Finally, I’ve done a mega amount of things in my life, so I’m not thinking I’ve missed anything [well maybe learning to dance the Tango]. You name it, and I’ve probably ticked that box. If it isn’t New and Different, I’m not all that interested. Truly, I’d almost rather go on my own than not, and do take several long solo trips a year. Then, as preferred, all my i’s are dotted and my t’s are crossed. Plus, I’m not just somebody’s companion because THEY don’t want to go alone. I wonder if they figure I’m not doing anything much anyway so why not asked me.

    Little do they understand that I’m doing exactly what I want to do at this time in my life, and I’m thrilled to be living the lifestyle choice I prefer.


    1. I have to admit as I have aged some since I originally wrote that post, I also enjoy my home time, working on my blogposts, and visiting my family and three dear friends I have. The problem is the two who like to travel are 10 years younger than I am. Now that I have had back and foot problems, I can’t do all the walking I used to do. One friend wants me to go on a cruise with her. I do not want to be away from my home or my cat for much over 4 days! She wants to show me how much fun a week long cruise will be. My heart, body and mind are saying that’s not going to happen! Yes I agree with you.

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      1. Great News!!!😃 This lovely friend of yours CAN show you ‘how much fun a week long cruise 🚢 will be.’ She can take lots of pictures, record videos, and show you all her souvenirs, including a special one purchased just for you. Win-win🥳

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