It is good to be quiet sometimes. Quietude is one of my simple pleasures. Quietude is a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place, according to Wikipedia.

For those who don’t know me well, I often seem rather loquacious, (I am into big words today!) And truly there is a part of me who loves to talk. But there is another side of me that most do not know or see.

After being in a large noisy crowd I relish getting home to my condominium disconnecting myself from my purse, shopping bags, left over meal from lunch and taking my shoes off. I go to my recliner and enjoy catching up on some quiet.

Quietude can be used as a time to refresh, relax, refocus your mind and heart. Sometimes you just figure things out when sitting quietly with no other stimuli. 

Being calm and quiet can be good for healing too. We drive or walk rapidly everywhere we go it seems. A few moments each day blocked out to reminisce can be very healing and good for your heart and mind. Try to think about what’s been happening in your heart or mind, or think of nothing for a change and just notice and absorb life from the world around you. Sit quietly on a bench in a park, your porch or your yard and just be.

You can also meditate or pray and find an even deeper sense of being centered. Just being filled with a sense of awe at the beauty of a flower can lead to more calm feelings and thoughts. 

So here are some of my favorite photos from my own collection which communicate quietude. See if any of these pictures inspire you to feel calmness and even joy.    

Grassy walkway in Old Salem, NC
Grassy walkway in Old Salem, NC

Sunrise through yuccas
Sunset through yuccas.

Yellow and black butterfly.
Swallowtail Butterfly

Asheboro Zoo Polar Bear asleep.
Asheboro Zoo Polar Bear asleep.

Sunset on wharf.
Sunset on wharf.

Fields of sunflowers.
Fields of thousands of yellow sunflowers giving their beauty to the world.
Sunshine, ocean and sand!
Sunshine, ocean and sand!

13 thoughts on “Quietude

  1. I’m so behind in my reading too Joyful… This was lovely though! I used to go our to a lovely, quiet monastery about an hour from my house for that “quietude”, but haven’t been there in ages. Maybe your post is a sign…? 😉

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