The Joy and Love of Horses

Roy Rogers’ Beautiful Palomino, Trigger

Ever since I can remember I have loved horses. I grew up in the era of cowboy shows and westerns. My Saturdays were filled with Trigger and Roy Rogers, Silver and the Lone Ranger; Fury and Joey; and the multitude of horses on all the other TV shows of that period.

These horses were smarter than dogs, or so I thought. They always understood what they were asked to do; who they were supposed to go find, and could even undo knots in their reins with their teeth!

Later I found out that pigs are really smarter than horses!! Boy what a let down!! Fortunately I didn’t know about their less than superior knowledge until I was much older. So I continued my delusion for a long time.

Nevertheless, no animal runs, gallops, or jumps more beautifully than a horse. Just watching one walk or run or jump excites me still. They are beautiful poetry in motion. The manes and tails of every horse made many little girls want to braid them or brush them. (Hence… My Little Pony with comb-able mane and tail, and in different colors, no doubt!)

Me and TriggerI stopped to look at every horse I saw as a kid. Riding on the ponies that trod around the rings, was one of my biggest joys. But one horse that made me happy was the rocking horse, I labeled Trigger!! I would rock back and forth on him seemingly for hours!!

One summer I came back from a week long choir camp and my parents surprised me with horse back riding lessons. (Maybe 4 lessons because that was all they could afford.) But it didn’t matter. I learned how to sit, hold the reins, get onto the saddle, post and ride! My dream was fulfilled.

On a trip with my family when I was about 16 we pulled over to look at a horse. The owner let me ride the stallion. There was a slight problem though. The stirrups were a bit too long for me but I adapted.

We were walking along, just the horse and I, when he decided to run! I almost went over his head! Then I remembered how the Native Americans rode without a saddle; I gripped the horse with my legs and held on! He slowed down and I got control enough to return to the gate. It was scary but what a ride!!

I didn’t get to ride much after that. I went into nursing school and life changed into adulthood.

My adoration of these creatures of strength and beauty never ended. I still get all excited like a little girl when I see one. My riding days are long gone, because I fear further back injuries or neck injuries at my tender age of 70.

So here are some of the horses who have made me smile or get all excited like the little girl who still lives in my heart.

Three horses grazing.
Grazing in sunlight.


Beautiful stallion and his mare.
Beautiful stallion and his mare.


Palomino grazing


I actually stood near them the Budweiser Clydesdales!!
Budweiser Clydesdale being harnessed by staff.
Budweiser Clydesdales in full regalia.
Budweiser Clydesdales in full regalia.
Happy Camper in front of two Budweiser Clydesdales.
Photobombed by a laughing Budweiser Clydesdale!!

Of course I went to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales when they came to Raleigh. I was so thrilled to be so close to such beautiful, majestic creatures. Notice my tee shirt had “Happy Camper” on it. That was planned! Just hearing them chomp, neigh, and clop around was a thrill for my inner child!

58 thoughts on “The Joy and Love of Horses

  1. Yes, horses are wonderful, my oldest daughter has been crazy about horses since she was two. She is always riding her horse, she is now in her fifties.
    So I can understand how you feel about horses. Nice post, enjoyed reading it.

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  2. Well since my blog is called Horse Addict I am obviously a horse lover too . I love the photo of your rocking horse! I used to have one very similar that was red and I loved it. Your post brought back happy memories. Thank you!

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  3. I owned a horse for a few years. That works best if you can stable them on your property or nearby. For me it was a half hour drive. I have a full time job and other responsibilities so I had to let go but I’ve always loved them.

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        1. I never got to ride that much. I did ride a strawberry roan mare on a trail. She was so sweet. She stopped when she felt my foot slip out of the stirrup! I think her name was Sophia! That was likely half a century ago!! I collected horse statues too and had a name for each one.

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  4. My brother owns a few horses and they are amazing creatures! He used to ride them in Civil War Calvary reenactments, but at 74, he had to hang up his saber and pistol. Now he just rides for fun. I went on a horseback trail ride a few years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was delightful! Since I ride about once every 10 years – ha!- they gave me a gentle one. It was a beautiful ride!

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  5. Looks like we have the horse crazy gene! I have been obsessed since I can remember. Wrote short stories about a horse named Blaze when I was 8. Wouldn’t you know I’d grow up and adopt my first horse who’s name is Blade. Close enough.
    He even gets to talk on my blog the first Thursday every month!

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  6. I would never argue with you on the latter comments..But I did look up animal IQs and horses are not even listed in the top 10 but pigs are. I feel your pain. LOL! I just knew that Trigger was brilliant!! I guess I was wrong. But who cares! They are gorgeous and therapeutic. Thanks for your comments!!

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  7. Thank you, lifewithlane14. I am delighted that you enjoyed my post. I never owned a horse but I did get to ride some when I was younger. Now that I am older and have back problems I am afraid to ride. But I still am in awe of the beauty of a horse, whether they are standing around, running, walking, lying down, eating, well you get the picture. I still feel like a giddy child when I see one up close. They are amazing! .

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    1. Thank you, Sangeetha! They are so beautiful and are used as therapy for children and adults with emotional problems. They seem to sense the person needs affection or attention. Thank you for commenting.

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  8. I fully understand your love and excitement for horses. When I was in the 4th grade a long time ago lol I rode a pony for the first time and I fell in love with horses at that very moment 😀 I then saw Little Joe on Bonanza and he rode a beautiful black & white horse and I knew one day I will own a horse just like that lol. Well here I am at age 56 now and my husband and son just bought me black & white pinto that my friend told me was up for sale and I am the most happy lady everyday. I have always been a happy person but now I am over the moon happy, my horses name is Blue because he has one blue eye and I am in love. I know this will be my only horse I ever own but that’s ok I plan on riding him as long and I can and if I ever can’t ride anymore ( Not in my plan lol ) he will then be my pasture pet or I know the girl that walks my dog would love to ride him as well. 😀

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    1. That is the most wonderful beginning to a little girl’s dream! Yes, I know you are an adult, but your inner child must be “over the moon!” If you lived near me I would love to see your horse! I can’t ride any more because of my back problems but I would love to be around one at least! I am so happy for you!! Send a picture or is there one on your page? Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!! Enjoy!!

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