Did I Kill It?

The other day I was driving to a friend’s house to feed her cats while she was away. I was driving about 45 miles an hour.

As I drove on the shady two lane road, I looked to my right and took another quick look. There under the trees was a small red fox, just sitting and watching me, so it seemed, as I drove by. What a strange experience!

He seemed curious and I sure was too; I’ve driven down that road many times and never saw any creatures alive on the grassy tree lined side of the road. I drove on rather happy that I had seen a fox in the wild.

About a mile or two down the road a little squirrel ran out in the middle of the road and stopped only 10-15 feet in front of my car.

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel descending tree.

There was a big pick up truck behind me so I couldn’t just slam on the brakes to stop. But I did slow down and I prayed the little guy would stay where he was and I could just drive over him with him between my tires.

I heard a slight thunk and raised my hands off the steering wheel for a second, and quickly returned them, to vent the disappointment and sadness that I had killed a sweet little animal.

Before I heard that ominous sound, I thought maybe he made it across the road. But after hearing that pitiful sound, I knew he must have been killed.

I tried to console myself by thinking there was no way I could have stopped that fast without causing an accident. Besides had I swerved to avoid him, he could have changed directions and run right under a tire just like a cat I hit many years ago. Try as I could to lessen my sadness, I still felt bad.

I drove to the next stop light. While waiting for it to change I saw the man in the truck, which had been behind me, as he rolled up beside me and signaled for me to roll my window down. Curious, I pressed the button to open my passenger window.

In an elated voice he said, “The squirrel made it! I saw him run across the road! I saw how upset you were and wanted you to know.” His blue eyes smiled at me and I felt so much relief and joy that I would have hugged the man’s neck given the opportunity.

He saw my face light up and smiled broadly. I thanked him profusely for telling me what had happened. We both took a left turn onto the same road.

For a minute I wondered if he just said that to make me feel better because he mentioned that he saw I was upset. After all, I did hear a thunk, but it wasn’t a loud one.

Then I looked at the back of his truck as he drove on and saw a sticker indicating he was a beekeeper.

I have a friend who is a beekeeper and knew this was a good man, who loved nature, living creatures, plants and insects too. I just felt reassured that he was a good man. I believed him then 100%. Thank you, Mr. Beekeeper in Apex, NC. You made my day!

As I drove on I wondered if the little squirrel was injured so I said a little prayer that he not suffer and be okay. I believe he was alright if he was able to run. I was so thankful and relieved.

The weird thing is if you look up the symbolism of “seeing a fox on the side of the road,” it may be taken according to some Native American cultures and others to mean: “Turn up your senses, be ready for changes, be flexible and act swiftly and wisely.”

Ironically without thinking I may have not hit the squirrel because I had “turned up my senses, was ready for changes, was flexible in my driving, and acted swiftly, and, I think thankfully, wisely.” What are the odds of this happening? Thank you, little fox for letting me see you so clearly.

15 thoughts on “Did I Kill It?

  1. I saw a car “hit” a squirrel but the squirrel was just stunned. I was running an errand. On the way back about 15 minutes later I checked all around the road. There was no sign of a dead squirrel nor of the nut that he was carrying in his mouth. I breathed a sigh of relief. My day was ok.


  2. This post gave me goosebumps. A friend was with his wife in a palliative care facility and left her side to take a walk. Outside he saw a vixen and two little ones. When he went in his wife took his hand squeezed it and left this world. And I am like you about hitting squirrels.


      1. I will research the fox appearance. Oddly enough my path was crossed today by a red fox when I was in the forest with Biasini. He took a look at it and then we went on. The fox trotted off into the woods.

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  3. I remember when I hit an Oppossom. I felt so bad. I even called Animal Control to have them check the pouch. Luckily, it wasn’t the season for babies. I drove really slowly for a while after that experience.

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  4. I really enjoyed this post. That was so thoughtful of the man to let you know the squirrel made it. What a blessing for the short time with the fox, they are beautiful animals.

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    1. The funny thing about the fox is, that it was a light color, not really red. And it was sitting alone just watching the cars go by. I was so relieved when the beekeeper told me the squirrel was okay. Thank you for commenting. Hugs!

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