My Photos of Sunsets

Being a photographer I always have my eyes open for stunning sunsets or sunrises. These are a few I am sharing with you in case you are tired of blog reading.

Pink and blue sunset behind the RDU air traffic tower.
RDU air traffic tower with sunset.
Golden Arrow sunset.
Golden Arrow sunset.
Sunset of gold!
Sunset of gold!
Emerald Isle Sunset
Emerald Isle Sunset
Sunset from across a pond
Sunset from across a pond.
Early sunrise across the bay.
Early sunrise across the bay.

The end of another day at the beach.
A lovely sunset through the yuccas.

A calm sunset from the pier at Topsail, NC.

22 thoughts on “My Photos of Sunsets

    1. Wow! Thank you! That’s a big compliment coming from one who obviously loves sunsets too! You just gave me an idea for my blog. I will definitely have to go see your pictures on your website now. Thank you!!


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