Little Panther’s Opinions on Cat Toys

Hello, I am Norie, an intelligent black pantherette. Please indulge me a few moments of your time. I have decided that some cat owners need more education on what toys some of us truly enjoy. I do realize that every cat is different. During my life I’ve made some observations that may help the humans of other cats make wiser investments in devices for their cat'(s’) pleasure. I like some other cats can be quite particular or easily bored.

My human has at times found it difficult to find a toy suitable for me to play with. The red light on the floor is fun intermittently, but I can only chase it so many times for so many years. I, like many other cats, really do know we can not always catch it, but I play along sometimes because it seems to make my mommy happy. My mommy is thoughtful and let’s me catch it if I am not feeling so energetic. But sometimes I am so fast that I catch the light; she is surprised and calls me “Black Lightening!”

I like many other cats gain weight as we age, which sometimes decreases our energy levels for play. Sometimes we even get arthritis in our joints which also slows us down. The older we get, the more we prefer the pleasure of sleep- …..Err, letting our minds sort through the wisdom we have acquired over the years. Yep, definitely wisdom sorting.

Why do so many cat toys have catnip in them?  Some of us aren’t sensitive to it. Those of us who are not vulnerable to its charms often render catnip toys to be merely things to be looked at and ignored or torn up because we want to know what that strange scent is.

Some toy makers think that tinkling sounds will elicit a playful response from us. Well, my friend, I have no interest in noisy toys. I briefly find them curious, then I walk away. Think about it. How can I, a huntress, be associated with something that gives away my location? How could I sneak up on anything if there are eruptions of tinkling, squawking, or rattling?

Black cat looking out from a drawer.
Sometimes we make our own toys.

Ever see the pictures or videos of cats playing with, in, or on boxes? Some of us enjoy sliding on floors into boxes or jumping in and out of them. There is just something about a box, a drawer, or even a reusable cloth grocery bag, that causes our “inner kitten” to be freed. I can hide, stay warm, and pounce on unsuspecting victims, or even nap in one.

Norie in cloth reusable bag.
Norie in reusable bag.

About cloth grocery bags: Please tell your parents to cut the handles off of the cloth bag for you. Once after a nice nap in a cloth bag I came out and my head went through the handle! The bag followed me no matter how fast or hard I ran. I was terrified until Mommy caught me and freed me!

Ever roll a ping pong ball down the steps for your cat to chase? Try rolling it around in the tub! I spent much energy in my younger days pursuing those balls. Of course it does require that our humans engage in playful activity with us to heighten the true joy of play.

One variety of toys we almost always seem captivated by are long things like a piece of yarn, a shoe string or ribbon. There is something about our human dragging one of the above on the floor that excites the hunter/stalker in us. I will hide and wait for the end of the string (or the tail of the wildebeest if you prefer) to come back around the couch before I pounce on it.

Cat trees are wonderful especally the ones with sisal rope wrapped poles and multiple shelves. I have two cat trees in front of two windows. (one used to be for my friend, Sister). Each tree has its pleasures: platforms for my climbing, sitting, observing, and sleeping pleasure. We can also better enjoy the view to the outdoors from the window.

Norie in her cat tree cave.

Our inner wildcat, alter ego loves to sit in a tree, looking down on our intended prey and plotting their early demise. We can also survey all that is ours and all we intend to possess. Of course we will still require some attention from our humans. We do want them to feel needed.

My human has a screened in porch where there are no dogs. I love sunning myself on warm sunny days. Much to my human’s distress, as soon as I can lay down on the cool concrete of the porch and before I come back into the home, I wallow around to get in touch with my wild side and the dirt, dust, pollen and anything else that can blow through a screen. Sometimes I look yellow when the yellow stuff blows in on the wind.

I enjoy playing with and hiding straws under rugs or the refrigerator. When bubbles are blown for my pleasure, I find them just plain fascinating!

Black cat smiling at bubbles.
Should I try to eat it or pop it?

Since my human needs love and affection too, I try to find something she enjoys sometimes. I have figured out that if I show signs that I want my human to hold me, scratch my chin or rub my nose, it makes her happy. If I am on top of the refrigerator and she stands in front of me, I will lick her forehead a few times, just to let her know I love her and appreciate all of her efforts to keep me happy.

Black cat asleep in sunshine.
Norie asleep in a ray of sunshine.

16 thoughts on “Little Panther’s Opinions on Cat Toys

  1. Ours love these things.
    “OurPets Original Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Interactive Cat Toy”
    They squeek whenever they’re jarred slightly. The girl cats play with them. The boy cats just kill ’em. Don’t know how they manage to kill the squeeker, but they do.

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