Memories of Sister, Part 1

Sister was the second cat I was owned by. She was quite unlike Norie in many ways. But her gentle, sweet nature made her the most lovable cat I ever knew.

Grey tabby with white legs.
Sweet face and unusual coat pattern.

Being a one person cat, Sister always ran and hid from visitors unless they made several visits close together, even then she kept her distance. But Sister was always friendly and gentle to me.

Sweet Sister Asleep

When I first adopted Sister from her previous owner, eight years ago, she ran to get out of my way when I walked down the hall towards her. I am happy to say that in her final years she finally trusted me enough to stay where she was when I came by her, knowing that I would never hurt her intentionally.

The first time she sat in my lap she did the kneading with her paws and claws that kittens do. So I kept a folded blanket in my lap to protect my legs if she “kneaded” them. Quickly this habit was established and she sat patiently on the arm of the recliner every time and waited for me to put a blanket over my legs, before she positioned herself on it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2018-10-23-08.16.21.jpg
ister on my protected lap.

While sitting in my lap sometimes Sister would lift her head, turn it towards me and lift her chin like a little nod. I knew then she was requesting (or was it demanding?) a chin rub. I found out recently that was a way of saying, “Hi! How ya doing.”

When I first moved into my condominium I had the desktop computer on a table by a sunny window. Sister often tried to walk back and forth between my computer screen and my eyes, obscuring my view. After a little petting I had to block her from walking back and forth.

I moved her into the sunny spot on the table that I cleared for her. Did she recognize that I was being thoughtful? No, she got huffy and jumped off the table with hurt feelings. Then I felt so-o-o guilty.

Another little behavior she did when I was sitting in front of the computer using a mouse was she wanted to rest her head on my hand, wrist or arm. (This somewhat hindered the smooth transition of ideas from fingers to keyboard.) But it was so darn sweet and cute.

Sister's head on my hand.
Typing Interuptus

One day I was clipping her claws and was amazed at her self restraint when I accidentally cut into the quick of her claw. She rapidly pulled her paw away and reflexively moved her mouth to bite my hand. But she stopped!! She didn’t bite me.

She never tried to bite me after the numerous times I had to give her two insulin shots twice a day! She was so thoughtful and even polite.

Another sign of her sweet disposition was noted after I moved into my condo four plus years ago. I have a recliner beside my bed, where I watch TV and use a TV table to hold my keyboard for the TV screen that I use as a monitor. When Sister sat in my lap, the table was pulled between my chair and the bed.

When she wanted to leave my lap to lie on the bed she stood up and waited for me to clear a path on the TV table for her so she could walk across it without disturbing anything. I didn’t know a cat would even care about seemingly meaningless clutter. But she evidently did.

Sister and Norie used to just coexist but played on occasion when they were younger. But over the years they seemed to tolerate each other more and on rare occasions lay near each other on the bed.

Two cats at play
Sister and Norie hiding and playing.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sister-and-norie-on-bed-e1561211683933.jpg
Sleeping together.

Two cats in the window.
An alliance at last.

Sister was loved and returned that love with trust, affection, and just being her sweet self.

She always slept with one leg over the other.
I’ll wait, if I must!
Sister and a feather
Sister liked for me to tickle her nose with a feather.

Sister taught me that I didn’t have to be doing something all the time. That it was good to sit, relax and value each moment of your life; not for what you can accomplish, but for who you are.

16 thoughts on “Memories of Sister, Part 1

    1. I hope you are healing during your grief. I teared up when I went to bed because she always slept on my left side by much pillow. I realize better how hard it must have been being stuck for labwork to try to regulate her blood sugar; to get two insulin shots twice a day, when one always stung, to be thirsty or hungry almost all the time. I do find some.comfort in that she is healthy and happier now. I think she knew her time was near, even though it wasn’t a natural death. She had stopped getting on the bed with me until later in the morning. She also stopped sleeping in my lap for a week or so before. It may be she was uncomfortable on my lap, even with a blanket folded under her. Poor, sweet, Sister. My heart hurts for you too as we both grieve for our sweet kitties.

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    1. Thank you, Catwoods. I now know what you have experienced. Sometimes it hits me that she is gone. I have had less energy than usual and think it is part of the grieving. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Bless her. You chose to let her go because her quality of life was not good anymore. That is the decision of a loving and caring owner/human. Thank you for the photos. She was a dear cat. I send her a catnip treat for her journey across the bridge.

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  2. Lots of love, Elaine! Sister loved you, and will watch over you and Nori now. You are a good kitty mama, and bravely did what was compassionate, even though it was difficult for you. 💗


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