Memories of Sister, Part 2

This is about my second cat, Sister.   Sister had the sweetest nature. She was very loving and affectionate.  For Part 1 here is the link.                                                         

Sweet Sister

Sister, my second cat, changed! She had always been sweet, affectionate and loved being with me. Suddenly there were signs that someone thought she was the queen cat, at least some of the time. Sometimes when I walked down the hall past the guest bathroom, Sister would be standing expectantly by the bathroom sink, looking at me out the door and would utter a sharp, commanding, “MRROW!” I knew from where she was that she was asking, (uh-h, commanding) that I brush her and NOW!!

She didn’t just want me to brush her. She wanted me to hold the brush by one cheek as she rubbed against it two or three times then offered the other cheek so she could leave her oils, scent or whatever on the brush to be disseminated along the paths of the brush into her hair!

Somehow Sister seemed to know about my frequent guilt trips when I was afraid I had slighted one or the other cat. It seemed like she played on my guilt after she studied my behavior when I accidentally almost(?) stepped on Norie’s tail. (I never know for sure if I did or not, since the reaction is the same either way.) She saw how apologetic I was when I hurt or disappointed them. She seemed to know how to make me feel guilty that I could not or would not feed her every time she wanted food! 

Sister moves in closer for the guilt trip.
Sister, giving me the “look!”

Well, she knew how to let me know what she wanted. She would stare at me quietly with a certain “look” while sitting in the bedroom doorway for an unknown amount of time (at least several minutes).

If I purposefully ignored her after a few minutes, she came closer and stared at me some more. If I put the blanket on my knees as an offering for her to sit in my lap, she walked away. “Do you want food?” I would ask. Then she would race off to the kitchen. Aha! I realized that she wanted FOOD!

So who’s the boss in my home?? Is my situation out of hand?

My sweet cat, changed drastically after being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that was making her blood sugar run very high. The changes started in early 2018. Sister showed all of the signs of very high blood sugar. She was thirsty and hungry all the time; irritable; and demanding. I recognized these symptoms because I was a nurse and because my husband had had poorly controlled diabetes.

My mission, assigned by the veterinarian, was to try to get and keep her blood sugar down. To do this required two different insulin injections twice a day with two different kinds of needles. Her blood sugar had to be checked monthly by the doctor to monitor if it was coming down. (I could not bear to prick her paw pads or ears during the day to check it!) 

After about five months the sugar levels were coming down. Then that December, the glucose started going up as the pituitary tumor increased its production of the hormone that decreased pancreas’s release of the insulin. Her blood sugar went up 100 points since the last blood draw. I wrote the above story before I knew what was wrong and how serious her condition could get. I had no idea she was craving food like some diabetics do. If I had known what was going on sooner, I would have treated her behavior differently. But hindsight is always easier than foresight. So this was written when I didn’t understand how sick she was.  

I was always amazed at her trust in me. To give her the two insulin injections, she would get on the kitchen table. I would put my arms around her like I was hugging her. I would give the first injection where there was some fatty tissue. Then ice the next area (for the next dose of the stinging insulin) then give her the last dose. She never pulled away from me. She never resisted. I believe with all of my heart that she knew I was trying to help her and that I loved her very much. 


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  1. Sorry, prome32. You never know from the beginning what physical problems your cat or any pet can have or develop. She was worth every bit of it. I just wanted her to be well.


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