Dear Grandson #2 (at Birth)

Number 2 Grandson was born almost three years ago this weekend. I am delinquent in posting a letter of welcome to him like the one I wrote for his brother. I apologize, Grandson.

You are and were treasured and loved before you were born. Leo had been feeling you move inside your mother’s tummy before you were born. As young as he was, he was excited to finally get to see what this baby mystery was all about.

Your mother, daddy, Grandmothers and all of us were so delighted to finally meet you. I was so tickled to see that your complexion and hair color were darker like your daddy’s. Since Leo’s coloring is like his mother’s. I have always found it fascinating who looks like whom from which parent.

Photo of then new grandson F. with family.

After you began to grow up a little I had an intuitive feeling that you would be like a little frog, I love frogs and always have. They are playful and enjoy their lives swimming in the water, eating and singing with the other frogs on lily pads or on the banks of creeks. They are quite self contained and content. They seem like happy little creatures. So I bought a stuffed frog toy that you seemed to really take to at an early age.

You were always sweet as a baby. I loved to lean back on the couch with you and relax as you went to sleep. But there is one time you really impressed on me that you were indeed a normal baby! That was when you were hungry! You could scream quite angrily when you wanted food! One time I took care of you while your parents and your brother made a quick trip for something. You had always been breastfed so your mother left me a bottle with a naturally shaped nipple.

Soon after they left you began to scream like I couldn’t remember having heard one so little scream! It was a loud, angry cry and would not stop for anything… You did not like that bottle’s (natural shaped) nipple!! I called your mom and dad and begged them to come back ASAP! We both survived. Actually I consider your insistence for your milk as a strong survival instinct. You knew what you wanted and needed and would stand for no less!

Either way I love you and your brother dearly. I look forward to watching you grow up and see the wonders of this world. You both are very special to me and are my only grandsons!! I Love You! MaHa

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