What Are You Afraid of?

We are all afraid of something. Fears sometimes originate from stressful or traumatic events. Some may be learned from parents.  By giving fear power over our behavior and lives we can lose clear perceptions of life and the world around us. Fear can cause varied reactions like withdrawal, tears, screaming, and  even fainting. Overcoming fear … More What Are You Afraid of?

A Boatload of Guilt

Finally I have a life without guilt. Let me explain. From early childhood through a large part of my adult life guilt has haunted me every day. No, I was never evil or did anything terrible to be ashamed of. It started in early childhood. I was a very conscientious little girl. I tried to … More A Boatload of Guilt

Life With Two Cats

  Cats are amazing creatures. I have two in my life: Norie, a black personality-loaded pantherette and Sister, demure, sweet-natured grey tabby feline with white legs. My two cats are in some ways like having two husbands! They give me affection, share their time with me, make me laugh, make me feel like I am … More Life With Two Cats