Thank You, Moma

This week I am sharing stories about people who had a major impact on my life. I like this post because of the pictures that show the love my parents had for each other and the words portraying what wonderful parents they were. I wrote this in 2000 on my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Since … More Thank You, Moma

Missing You, Daddy

My father died from Dementia and a stroke years ago. I still think of him and my mother every day. He was a good, kind- hearted, loving father and husband. He was dedicated to his family and was active in our care and education too. I shared a portion of a letter I wrote to … More Missing You, Daddy

What Is a Peacemaker?

During this time of uncertainty, magnified fear and suspicion of people from different cultures and religions added to the fear of political changes that may or may not affect our future adversely; it may be difficult to be at peace, find peace, or even make peace. What is the difference in these three activities? Is … More What Is a Peacemaker?

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

I’ve lived almost 67 years full of varied and interesting experiences with people of many different races, cultures, and religions, which I feel gives me a broad understanding of a large sampling of people’s attitudes, lives and feelings about life. Through traveling I’ve met more people from Mexico, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.┬áTraveling is a mind … More United We Stand; Divided We Fall