Soft, Warm and Fuzzy

This may be a little off topic for fall but with most of the southern part and other parts of our country experiencing cooler weather, I think this topic is at least somewhat appropriate. So bear with me. I think there is a conspiracy by stores to brainwash us. Allow me to explain. Once cold weather … More Soft, Warm and Fuzzy

Who Loves You Baby?

When I was growing up I always wondered how I would know the guy I want to marry is the right one?  I want to share some factors to consider before embarking on a long term relation”ship.”  It is easy to be swept off your feet by the romantic chemistry which may  cause a blindness … More Who Loves You Baby?

The Storm Clouds Gather

I am writing a series of blog posts for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I am sharing some personal stories about my marriage and the changes that took place to help someone see themselves or their partner through my experiences to detect symptoms of abuse or domestic violence that might be present in their relationship. … More The Storm Clouds Gather