Rescue the Rescuer!

After being a compulsive rescuer all of my life, and now having no one to rescue constantly or even monthly, what do I do????? Rescuing is in my blood! Being raised by a former nursing student; being the oldest girl of four kids (the youngest being 12 years younger than me); and having nurses coming … More Rescue the Rescuer!

Life With Two Cats

  Cats are amazing creatures. I have two in my life: Norie, a black personality-loaded pantherette and Sister, demure, sweet-natured grey tabby feline with white legs. My two cats are in some ways like having two husbands! They give me affection, share their time with me, make me laugh, make me feel like I am … More Life With Two Cats

My Grandmother’s Childhood: Mill-Labor-in-The-Early-1900’s

I wrote this article for Candid Slice in honor of my grandmother, Nina Alexander, my mother’s mother and to remind us of all the children still enslaved in child labor all over the world. The original post is from: My grandmother was born in 1901, 36 years after the Civil War. She spent her … More My Grandmother’s Childhood: Mill-Labor-in-The-Early-1900’s