Who Are You?

I was challenged recently in a thought provoking group to think about this question. It started me thinking about who I am; what do I have to offer the world, my community, my friends, my family? Do you ever stop and wonder about what you “bring to the table” of life? What effects do you … More Who Are You?

Access to Knowledge

I love to learn! When I was growing up we had a library of different topics in our home. We could borrow books from the public library too, about any subject we were curious about. I get excited when I learn things. Knowledge is the key that unlocks so many doors! Knowledge is the bridge … More Access to Knowledge

I Had No Idea!

I wrote this article for a nursing site: Allnurses.com. It was one of the top four articles read that summer!! It has now been shared on Nurses Rock on Facebook. I am so thrilled it has reached so many people!! Source: I Had No Idea! Often nurses have little comprehension of what a family member … More I Had No Idea!