Cats of Beauty

And now for something a little different. Having two cats and a love of beauty in most of what I see, l thought I would share these fine, feline photos. Can you tell that I love cats? I have shared pictures of my two already but will share one of each at the end of … More Cats of Beauty


For many of us middle aged women a lot of changes take place which require some adaptive strategies. Some of us may have some physical problems that limit our activities or limit our productivity at our jobs. Some may lose our spouses to divorce, menopause, or changes from illness or even their deaths. We all … More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Understanding Cat Body Language

My article was first posted on Candid Slice about Norie’s advice on teaching me how to understand feline body language. Hi, this is Norie speaking. I am the black cat with the thick luxurious, short hair. I have a friend named Sister, who has gray and black stripes and the oddest white legs. She has … More Understanding Cat Body Language

Tips on Safe Online Dating

This is the first of two parts of recommendations for safer online dating.  I wrote the original article ( for Candid Slice based on, my own online dating experiences and the recommendations of another friend. I am adding some notes about my experiences too. So I decided to divide the article into two parts. The second … More Tips on Safe Online Dating