Just Do IT!

1. I try to live each day to the fullest. Granted everyone needs a day off from “doing” things. Everyone needs a day to unwind, relax and turn the stress off. Slowing down and using all of your senses enables us to enjoy whatever beauty there is to enjoy more fully.   2. Keep a … More Just Do IT!

Restaurant Surprises

I had a weird event over thirty years ago. I was eating alone at a fast food seafood places called “Captain something or other.” I love seafood and their’s was pretty good. I ordered something with oysters in it because I seldom get to enjoy them. As I ate, my teeth came down on something hard. … More Restaurant Surprises

The Gift of Touch

There is something many people have forgotten about or are afraid of giving or receiving: the gift of touch. I know there are times when touching someone is inappropriate but I have learned it can be very healing in the right circumstances and with the right people. My mother and father were both affectionate with … More The Gift of Touch

Two Way Blessings

Several years ago I experienced a two way blessing with a stranger. I was visiting a young patient and his grandmother in a large hospital. My car had to be parked in a building across the street, where I received a ticket with the time that I parked the car on it.   As I walked … More Two Way Blessings

Nursing Then And Now: Some Surprising Similarities and Differences

I started my nursing career in 1972. I worked in hospitals from South Carolina to New Orleans, to Mississippi, to Western and Eastern North Carolina. After 38 years of nursing (17 years of that in ICU/CCUs) I consider myself an expert on how the nursing field has changed. I retired in 2012. In 1972 we used … More Nursing Then And Now: Some Surprising Similarities and Differences

Some Strange Country Cures and Natural Remedies

I interviewed people from rural North Carolina to find out what home remedies had been passed down through their ancestors. They were told the circumstances of the publication (an online newspaper). They gladly shared their anecdotal stories with me. What resulted was some pretty spectacular medical mythology and a peeked curiosity. Some country cures and … More Some Strange Country Cures and Natural Remedies