Thankful For You

Golden fall trees in the backyard of my old home.. I am thankful for you all. Without your involvement by reading, commenting, sharing and following my blog, I would be writing only for myself. What good is a writer if there is no one to read, understand, and enjoy a writer’s efforts?  You are one … More Thankful For You

My Two Cats

I am sharing parts of my life that I am thankful for. These two pets bring so much joy to my life, that I wrote this poem about them. I have two cats who provide great company. Grey tabby cat, Sister and Norie, who’s ebony . Their relationship has a fragile tolerance, Which exposes my … More My Two Cats

Spooky Enough For Halloween

My article was posted on Candid Slice.. Want to have a little spooky story to read? In Godwin, (near Erwin), North Carolina on a dirt road past the Chicora Civil War Cemetery,  sits the antebellum mansion for Oak Grove Plantation. After many years of neglect, much work and money have gone into preserving and … More Spooky Enough For Halloween