My Back Talks Back

When we are between our teens and mid adulthood, we often think: “I am invincible! I can do anything. I am strong. I have unlimited energy.” After all, usually nothing happens (that we can see) when we participate in risky behavior at that age. It takes getting older before we realize, “I screwed up!” Where Did … More My Back Talks Back

The Opossum’s Tail Tale

I enjoy sharing stories from other cultures. Since I enjoy stories about nature and animals that explain their origins or features or aspects of their personalities, this story was just the one I wanted to share today. This one is one of my favorites. See blog on how strawberries were created:  . This Cherokee … More The Opossum’s Tail Tale

Thank You, Moma

In honor of my mother on Mother’s Day I am re-posting a blog I wrote for her birthday last year. I like this post because of the pictures that show the love they had for each other and the words portraying what wonderful parents they were. I wrote this 16 years ago (2000) on their … More Thank You, Moma