A Boatload of Guilt

Finally I have a life without guilt. Let me explain. From early childhood through a large part of my adult life guilt has haunted me every day. No, I was never evil or did anything terrible to be ashamed of. It started in early childhood. I was a very conscientious little girl. I tried to … More A Boatload of Guilt

Soft Memories

Have you ever felt love, joy or comfort from touching something soft. The sensations we receive from softness can cause a variety of responses and feelings. But love is usually what I think of. What started me on these meanderings was a memory from my childhood. I was about 8 years old when I spent … More Soft Memories

Who Needs You?

Many of us are feeling useless right now, considering the recent bad news. We have heard about terrible things going on in the world: the destruction wrought by hurricanes, earthquake, fires, shootings and resultant deaths, suffering, anger, fear and other emotions that go with such horrors. What can we do to help the loss, pain, fear, … More Who Needs You?