Christmas Memories

First verse of Silver Bells: Christmas makes you feel emotionalIt may bring parties or thoughts devotionalWhatever happens, whatever may beHere is what Christmas time means to me. Composers: Ray Evans and Jay Livingston. My childhood memories of Christmas were about times of happiness, church and celebration of Jesus’s birth, family, food, and of course Santa … More Christmas Memories

Pandemic Sanity

I have been thinking a lot about feelings since I am a very feeling human being. During this Covid Virus Pandemic, we all are experiencing different emotions or feelings. I want to sort out some of the emotions we all may have experienced and give some helpful suggestions. The feelings I have experienced include: isolation; … More Pandemic Sanity

I Heard Voices

Well, it seems I am on a roll of strange events. I signed up for a seminar on Zoom the other night at 7 PM. I had the Zoom class number and passcode on my Google Chrome Notebook. So I opened Zoom and entered the needed details. There was no evidence of anything. It was … More I Heard Voices


I wrote a blog post last year about being aware of the world around us and the pleasures of awareness of the parts of our lives, no matter how small, and how much joy could be found from living in the moment more fully by using our senses. A dear friend of mine, Morag Noffke, … More Mindfulness

My Halloween Cat

A dark shadow in the night, Shining black hair, reflecting light. Armed for defense with sharp claws, Sheathed in padded jet black paws. She watches me with golden eyes. Then runs away with arched tail high.   While playing she prepares to jump, But only attacks my blanket’s lumps. Always listening with both ears cocked, For … More My Halloween Cat

Who Loves You Baby?

This is one in a series of blogposts for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. These are some bits of information that I learned whem entering a new relationship. When I was growing up I always wondered how I would know the guy I want to marry is the right one?  I want to share some … More Who Loves You Baby?