Norie Understands

Norie is my twelve year old, black cat. As two old gals, we pretty much understand how to live together. I have always tried to learn and respect her likes and dislikes. I also never try to scare her or lie to her; so she trusts me. If I accidentally step on her tail or … More Norie Understands

Driving Safely in Snow

Different parts of the country have different winters. I will speak generally of the southern states and mountains. But for other regions of the United States, snows and snow depths vary. Depending largely on their proximity to the Canadian Chinook winds and fronts that blow in from the Artic through Canada and sweep into the … More Driving Safely in Snow

My Entertaining Cat

I am retired, in my late 60’s, and an extrovert who enjoys being around people. Since the virus became a little too “close to home” for me, I don’t go out much and I miss seeing people and going out with my friends. So my main entertainments are: calling friends: little things too do around … More My Entertaining Cat