Anger Can Hide Pain

I have trouble coping with anger. Generally the most angry I have been has been righteous indignation over mistreatment of someone, some country, or some animal. Growing up in my family we rarely were angry at each other. I remember only two maybe three big arguments my parents had when I was young. While growing … More Anger Can Hide Pain

Ten Life Lessons

My life did a 180 degree turn around before and after my 58th birthday.  Our son had moved out as an adult and was on his own. My husband died of a heart failure. After a year by myself I adopted two cats. Life became a little simpler. (Both of my sons were adults and … More Ten Life Lessons

Peachy Hospitality

Even though I live in North Carolina I enjoy going home to South Carolina where I grew up. I go to see the part of my family who still lives there about every 6-8 weeks,(that of course was before the Covid-19 virus.) When I could, I scheduled a trip to SC during peach season. I … More Peachy Hospitality

My Warbled Mind

As I sat on my screened in porch one morning I heard the varied songs of my feathered friends. When I heard one near me, I attempted to imitate his message in an effort to be friendly. He replied and then I mimicked his sounds again. Back and forth we went. Suddenly I begin to … More My Warbled Mind