What is Dependence?

After my husband’s death eight years ago I was very proud of the sense of confidence I gained from what I could take care of by myself. If something broke or needed fixing, I looked it up on the internet and when able to do so, fixed it. When something was wrong with the car … More What is Dependence?

Soft Memories

My apologies! Somehow I published a draft of this post instead of the final post. The ending was the most important part. Have you ever felt love, joy or comfort from touching something soft. The sensations we receive from softness can cause a variety of responses and feelings. But love is usually what I think … More Soft Memories

What Are the Odds?

Have you ever had a close friendship with someone but were separated through consequences beyond your control? You move away from each other; get too busy to write or even call or just lose contact with them. You feel sad that all of those memories of shared experiences fade in your memory and evidently theirs … More What Are the Odds?