One Little Bird

One day years ago I became saddened by the suffering of the planet and it’s people, our climate changes, the deaths of innocent animals as their environment changes; and everything seemed to be “going to hell in a handbag.” I thought about the fears and anxieties the world’s sick or hungry; or those terrorized by … More One Little Bird

Love Yourself

As an adult it is good to try to understand a reoccurring behavior. The other day I think I figured out why I have some anxiety when I go to a gathering of women whom I have never met before. I always feel at ease once I get there and start greeting the other attendees, … More Love Yourself

Cheerful and Creepy

In the fall of 2007 I became acquainted with what I considered a unique spider. The first sign of this spider was the web which was at a 45-degree angle to the ground and had a roundish shape with little cottony clumps strategically placed on its web, along its border and angular anchor webs. The … More Cheerful and Creepy

The Love Chapter

During times like these it is so easy for some people to hate others who are different from themselves or have different political, religious, or ethical standards. But we need to remember that God, (Spirit, Creator or however you name him) made us all. Some were given certain talents or skills or wisdom or physical … More The Love Chapter