My Halloween Cat

  A dark shadow, Black as a crow. Sheathed sharp claws, Padded black paws. Quietly spies. With golden eyes. Seen posed to jump, Attacks blanket lumps. Listening ears cocked. Springs as a rocket. Fascinating. Calculating. Coat of ebon. Warmed by hot sun. Peaked ears alert. Love of great worth. Who this shadow, At the window? … More My Halloween Cat

Is The Old Dushee Shaw Half-Way House Haunted?

I wrote this article for Candid Slice October 2013. Being an article about spooky things, I thought you might enjoy it! Here is the link: The old Dushee Shaw Half-Way House is becoming increasingly well known as a place of history and of ghost stories. This building is near what is now Coats, in … More Is The Old Dushee Shaw Half-Way House Haunted?