What Is a Peacemaker?

During the holiday season we often hear the words, Peace on Earth. Right now with all of the uncertainty, violence, magnified fear and suspicion of people from different cultures and religions added to the fear of political changes that may or may not affect our future adversely; it may be difficult to be at peace, … More What Is a Peacemaker?

Soft, Warm and Fuzzy

This may be a little off topic for Christmas but with most of the southern part and other parts of our country experiencing winter weather, I think this topic is at least somewhat appropriate. So bear with me. I think there is a conspiracy by stores to brainwash us. Allow me to explain. Once cold weather … More Soft, Warm and Fuzzy

Christmas Memories

First verse of Silver Bells: Christmas makes you feel emotionalIt may bring parties or thoughts devotionalWhatever happens, whatever may beHere is what Christmas time means to me. My childhood memories of Christmas were about times of happiness, church and celebration of Jesus’s birth, family, food, and of course Santa Claus!  This time of year, the … More Christmas Memories

A Manger of Memories

This wooden manger puzzle holds many Christmas memories for me. The distinctive pieces fit only a certain way into the wooden box with shed like shape. My husband and I bought it and two more just like it at a Christmas Craft Show in our home town, Greenville, SC over thirty years ago. Each puzzle was … More A Manger of Memories

Upside-down Christmas Trees?

I wrote this article for Candid Slice and thought it was pretty interesting. Do you have an upside-down Christmas tree? http://www.candidslice.com/upside-down-christmas-trees-hot-decorative-trend-an-ancient-tradition/ Have you ever heard of an upside down Christmas tree? I saw my first one several years ago in a wonderful Greek restaurant. I was amazed and intrigued. The owners came from the Eastern … More Upside-down Christmas Trees?

Christmas Gift-Giving

It’s Christmas time. The season when we are focused on giving gifts to all of those who are important in our lives. Ruminations But do we ever stop to examine our feelings about gift giving or even about how we feel about receiving presents? What emotions or memories are stirred from the past by the … More Christmas Gift-Giving