Falling Leaves

A certain little one loved the leaves of fall. He had questions to ask, so he stood up tall, Earnestly he asked them of the pre-fall trees. “Why is Fall when you choose to lose your leaves? Why drop your lovely cloaks now? Wait till spring! Why have no leafy limbs when the wind’s chilling? … More Falling Leaves

Ready For Fall??

Is it time to start pulling out your fall clothes? Since Fall began on September 22 here are some photos of the beauty of changing leaves that I have collected over the past few years to help you transition into Autumn. Halloween will follow next.

Wake Up!!

Strangely I have a memory from when I was a teenager spending the night at my grandmother’s farm. I awoke to see a black cat sitting by my head, curiously staring down at me, the strange person, sleeping on her mistress’s couch. It was Inky, an indoor/outdoor cat, who was friendly and loved by my … More Wake Up!!