Rescue the Rescuer!

After being a compulsive rescuer all of my life, and now having no one to rescue constantly or even monthly, what do I do?? I retired in 2010 after 37 years of nursing. Rescuing is in my blood! Nurses are coming out of the woodwork of my mother’s family tree (grandmother, mother, sister, cousin, and … More Rescue the Rescuer!

Falling Leaves

A certain little one loved the leaves of fall. He had questions to ask, so he stood up tall, Earnestly he asked them of the pre-fall trees. “Why is Fall when you choose to lose your leaves? Why drop your lovely cloaks now? Wait till spring! Why have no leafy limbs when the wind’s chilling? … More Falling Leaves

I Am Alive!!

Not that there was ever any doubt! But it is easy to lose the connection between our bodies and our minds when we are on the run all day driving here and there, working, checking our cell phones, worrying about our children, where we have to go next or what we have to do next. … More I Am Alive!!

Want Some Food/Love?

Is food a symbol of love? Is food a substitute for love? Does our family feel loved as they enjoy the food we prepared for them? Let’s think about some of the roles that food may play in our lives. Babies feel loved when fed A baby, while drinking their first food, feels warm, protected, … More Want Some Food/Love?