Don’t Want to Cook?

First a warning. I am not a trained cook or dietitian. When the Covid virus created the need for social distancing and being a high risk person because of my age I missed people contact; and eating out with my friends. But I also missed sitting in a restaurant alone enjoying the environmental sensations around … More Don’t Want to Cook?

Love Letters And Healing Springs: The Story Of Fuquay-Varina

Fuquay-Varina is now a growing town, actually two small towns that merged to make one larger, small town, in North Carolina. When the name “Fuquay-Varina” is spoken, the first thing everyone wonders is “how do I pronounce that?” Let’s answer that right now: “Few-kway Va-ree-na.” The name was created by the joining of two small … More Love Letters And Healing Springs: The Story Of Fuquay-Varina

A War of Affiliations

We are at the beginning of local elections looming ahead and with advertisements for candidates already appearing on the television. Oh, BOY! (NOT) .This is a post that is not for or against a political party or candidate. This post is about the strange effects elections seem to have on normally sane, nice, friendly people. … More A War of Affiliations