Why I Love Birds

Birds and flying have been a big point of interest in my family for many years. It started with my father’s father. My grandfather came from Greece as an teenage immigrant and started out delivering food on his bike. He worked hard to make money and saved up and bought a horse and cart to … More Why I Love Birds

Just Do IT!

1. I try to live each day to the fullest. Granted everyone needs a day off from “doing” things. Everyone needs a day to unwind, relax and turn the stress off. Slowing down and using all of your senses enables us to enjoy whatever beauty there is to enjoy more fully.   2. Keep a … More Just Do IT!

Anger Can Hide Pain

I have trouble coping with anger. Generally the most angry I have been has been righteous indignation over mistreatment of someone, some country, or some animal. Growing up in my family we rarely were angry at each other. I remember only two maybe three big arguments my parents had when I was young. While growing … More Anger Can Hide Pain

Ten Life Lessons

My life did a 180 degree turn around before and after my 58th birthday.  Our son had moved out as an adult and was on his own. My husband died of a heart failure. After a year by myself I adopted two cats. Life became a little simpler. (Both of my sons were adults and … More Ten Life Lessons

Peachy Hospitality

Even though I live in North Carolina I enjoy going home to South Carolina where I grew up. I go to see the part of my family who still lives there about every 6-8 weeks,(that of course was before the Covid-19 virus.) When I could, I scheduled a trip to SC during peach season. I … More Peachy Hospitality