A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift

My article was published on Candid Slice last year. One special patient cared for her fellow patient’s need for beauty. http://www.candidslice.com/struggling-with-cancer-patient-performs-inspiring-acts-of-kindness/ Years ago I took care of an unforgettable cancer patient. She had lost her hair from the chemotherapy, but not her spirit. She quipped about her bald head and how funny she perceived her … More A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift

Just Do IT!

1. Live each day to the fullest. Slow down and use all of your senses to enjoy whatever beauty there is to enjoy. ¬† 2. Keep a sense of gratitude (a heartfelt appreciation) and have a thankful attitude for the good things of this life. A mind filled with gratitude has been found to increase … More Just Do IT!

United We Stand; Divided We Fall

I’ve lived almost 68 years full of varied and interesting experiences with people of many different races, cultures, and religions, which I feel gives me a broad understanding of a large sampling of people’s attitudes, lives and feelings about life. Through traveling I’ve met other people of different cultures¬† from Mexico, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. … More United We Stand; Divided We Fall