A Blanket of Prayer

I learned a lesson about miracles and prayer blankets recently. I never heard of a prayer blanket before. Although there are also prayer shawls knitted or crocheted with the same purpose. My neighbor, Ms. S, makes prayer blankets from two pieces of material a yard long and a yard wide. She uses permanent press material … More A Blanket of Prayer

What can I do?

This is a strange time for all of us. Many of us have had to stay home except for necessary trips due to the Covid 19 virus. In the past two weeks or less we have done the things we have been putting off. We have read the books we meant to read but haven’t; … More What can I do?

What Are We To Do???

I tried to write a piece to express my feelings of helplessness concerning the virus, the hatred, the suffering, the violence and the potential future we are heading for. But then I wanted to offer encouragement and help with ideas for what we could do. However I was never satisfied with what I wrote. This … More What Are We To Do???

Nominee for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Over the last month I have enjoyed getting to know a fellow blogger from South Africa, Morag Noffke. She is such an intelligent and artistic lady. Through this first person I ever met from South Africa, I have found her lifestyle and her country fascinating. We have exchanged many thoughts and experiences and found each … More Nominee for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

One Little Bird

After a day of trying to enjoy Facebook I was saddened, by the suffering of the planet, it’s people, and everything seemed to be “going to hell in a handbag.” I thought about the fears and anxieties the now infected people are thinking and feeling when they become sick; what the hospital staff are going … More One Little Bird