Norie and Toys

I have frequently been bemused by my cat, Norie’s rather prejudicial opinions of the cat toys I bought for her. Because she is a pretty smart, slightly chubby cat I have aimed for mentally and physically challenging toys. Unfortunately I have failed many many times but succeeded in lasting toys she still loves. Squeaky toys … More Norie and Toys

Baby Your Back! (Not- “Baby, You’re Back!”)

(A little grammatical humor for any grammar aficionados reading this.) . I learned a lot about how to protect and treat my back’s spine and muscles for over 20 years. You may want to read my first post about how it started. I listen to my back! Knowing I had a weight lifting limit … More Baby Your Back! (Not- “Baby, You’re Back!”)

My Back Talks Back

When we are between our teens and mid adulthood, we often think: “I am invincible! I can do anything. I am strong. I have unlimited energy.” After all, usually nothing happens (that we can see) when we participate in risky activities at that age. It takes getting older before we realize, “I screwed up!” Where … More My Back Talks Back