My Favorite Bloggers

One of the many reasons I enjoy blogging is that I get to meet other people from all over the world. I have readers in Europe, Austrailia, and New Zealand.

Everyone has their own unique style, favorite subjects, sense of humor and special way of communicating their ideas. I tagged some of my favorite blogs and bloggers because they were the ones who really made me laugh, think or stirred my curiosity.

So of course I want to share these with my readers for their reading pleasure too.

In order for you to find them, I tagged the blogs for the category: “My Favorite Bloggers.” Check out their varied sense of humor or their different methods of communicating through poetry, blank verse, photos, or posts. You may enjoy the bloggers or their blogs as much as I did.



10 thoughts on “My Favorite Bloggers

        1. Wow! Thank you. I wanted to write with my strengths in mind. My goals, as always, is to help whomever however I can. You gave me a lot of helpful information! Thank you so much.


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