Little Things

Today I felt led to write this post about little things. Since I have had back problems for several years now, I know there are some things I cannot do without having pain sooner or later. A little back ache after being on my feet for hours without rest tells me that I need to … More Little Things

Who are you?

I am taking a left turn here in this post compared to all of my previous posts. Excuse me while I get on my soapbox. I may be “preaching to the choir” here but I need to vent. I heard and read on several occasions from various sources that some women write about, or to, … More Who are you?

Winter Beauty

One of my four favorite seasons each  year is winter. (Yes, for various reasons, I love each one.) I’ve seen them all from South Carolina to western, mountainous and eastern North Carolina; some Southern states get hit with hurricanes more often than the rest of the South. But other parts of the South get hit … More Winter Beauty

How Do You Reflect?

There are three kinds of reflections in the world: 1) the reflection of ourselves, as we look in a mirror, similar to reflections seen in a clear calm lake or pond; 2) the reflection of ourselves as we notice how others respond to us, or are affected by us; 3) the reflection we do with … More How Do You Reflect?