The Joy of Life

Sometimes I have to admit that I get joy mixed up with being thankful. The two are different but so intertwined in my life, that I rarely feel one without the other. Most mornings as a child I was awakened by one of my parents calling out, “Rise and Shine!” (I now know my mom … More The Joy of Life

Who Needs You?

Many of us are feeling useless right now, considering the tragedy laden news we hear everyday. We have heard about terrible things going on in the world: the destruction wrought by hurricanes, earthquake, fires, shootings and resultant deaths, suffering, anger, fear and other emotions that go with such horrors. What can we do to help … More Who Needs You?

A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift

My article was published on Candid Slice last year. One special patient cared for her fellow patient’s need for beauty. Years ago I took care of an unforgettable cancer patient. She had lost her hair from the chemotherapy, but not her spirit. She quipped about her bald head and how funny she perceived her … More A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift