Healthy Living Lessons From My Cats

This post is based on my article published on Candid Slice. My two cats have taught me many lessons about healthy living. After being owned by two cats, I can say un-CAT-egorically that I am a cat person. The CATharsis of sitting on the couch with one cat in my lap as I stroke her … More Healthy Living Lessons From My Cats

My Halloween Cat

  A dark shadow, Black as a crow. Sheathed sharp claws, Padded black paws. Quietly spies. With golden eyes. Seen posed to jump, Attacks blanket lumps. Listening ears cocked. Springs as a rocket. Fascinating. Calculating. Coat of ebon. Warmed by hot sun. Peaked ears alert. Love of great worth. Who this shadow, At the window? … More My Halloween Cat

Understanding Cat Body Language

My article was first posted on Candid Slice about Norie’s advice on teaching me how to understand feline body language. Hi, this is Norie speaking. I am the black cat with the thick luxurious, short hair. I have a friend named Sister, who has gray and black stripes and the oddest white legs. She has … More Understanding Cat Body Language