Thankful for Children

For the month of Thanksgiving I want to express thanks for people, stories, and incidents that have inspired or impacted my life in a positive way. My niece once posted the question, “What inspires you?” My mind was barraged with a number of different inspirational heroes and heroines. But children came first to my mind. … More Thankful for Children

My Grandmother’s Childhood Through First Marriage

I wrote a more detailed version of this post about child labor in the early 1900’s  in the following atricle:   for Candid Slice, in honor of my grandmother, Nina Alexander, my mother’s mother. My grandmother, Nina Alexander, was born in 1901, 36 years after the Civil War. Nina spent her earliest years on her family … More My Grandmother’s Childhood Through First Marriage

One Little Child

One day recently I was feeling a lot of concern for friends  who were having a lot of pain in their lives. The weather had been cloudy, rainy, and sunless for several days. I was feeling really  down. The news that morning told of violent actions done by people who were filled with hate, fear … More One Little Child

I Tried!!

I pride myself on my love of nature and self-taught knowledge of nature and animals. My parents sought to give my siblings and I many richly educational, wonderful adventures as we traveled to Mexico, the World’s Fair, Expo 67, in Montreal, the mountains, beaches, zoos, and camping in our travel trailer, and later a mobile … More I Tried!!