How Are You Doing?

We have certainly had a strange life during these past two years with varied circumstances. At first we were in uncharted territory since Covid started up. Are you still spending a lot of time at home? How did you keep your sanity when it was at its worst? Do you have children? Are you by … More How Are You Doing?

Pandemic Sanity

I have been thinking a lot about feelings since I am a very feeling human being. During this Covid Virus Pandemic, we all have experienced different emotions or feelings. I want to sort out some of the emotions we all may have experienced and give some helpful suggestions. The feelings I have experienced include: isolation; … More Pandemic Sanity

My Covid Brain Fog

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t write or share many blogs in December and part of January. I was sick with, thankfully, a mild case of Covid 19. I wasn’t sick enough to need hospitalization or even to see a doctor. Besides gaining immunity for possibly three months, it affected me … More My Covid Brain Fog