The Love Chapter

During times like these in which it is so easy for some people to hate others who are different from themselves or have different political, religious, or ethical standards. But we need to remember that God made us all. Some were given certain talents or skills or wisdom or physical or mental abilities. But those … More The Love Chapter

No Roses for Me

Roses come in a variety of colors. Over the years each color has become an expression of a particular emotion. This use of roses’ symbolism started in the 18th century in a poem by Robert Burns titled “Red,Red Rose,” in which he describes his love as a red rose. Roses have different meanings based on … More No Roses for Me

I Am Me Now

Last year I celebrated my 70th birthday. I am not quite the same person I was over 10 years ago. Sadness, loss, pain, and the wisdom I gained have changed and shaped me in unexpected and different ways than I ever expected. Ways that have made me appreciate myself and my own strengths. I am … More I Am Me Now