Do What You Can Do

I am basically a very happy person. My parents used to wake up my sisters, brother and me with, “Rise and shine!” That was a great way to start your day for a young kid. It helped me look at life as a challenge with a positive attitude for the later trials of the day. … More Do What You Can Do

Phishing Anyone?

I have a fair grasp of how to use a computer, how to order things on the internet, and have been taught well to watch out for scammers! Well two years ago I made a bad decision and want to share it to help others not make the same mistake. One form of scamming is … More Phishing Anyone?

A Blanket of Prayer

I learned a lesson about miracles and prayer blankets recently. I never heard of a prayer blanket before. Although there are also prayer shawls knitted or crocheted with the same purpose. My neighbor, Ms. S, makes prayer blankets from two pieces of material a yard long and a yard wide. She uses permanent press material … More A Blanket of Prayer

The Love Chapter

During times like these it is so easy for some people to hate others who are different from themselves or have different political, religious, or ethical standards. But we need to remember that God, (Spirit, Creator or however you name him) made us all. Some were given certain talents or skills or wisdom or physical … More The Love Chapter