My Photos of Sunsets

Being a photographer I always have my eyes open for stunning sunsets or sunrises. These are a few I am sharing with you in case you are tired of blog reading. A calm sunset from the pier at Topsail, NC.

Winter Beauty

One of my four favorite seasons each  year is winter. (Yes, for various reasons, I love each one.) I’ve seen them all from South Carolina to western, mountainous and eastern North Carolina; some Southern states get hit with hurricanes more often than the rest of the South. But other parts of the South get hit … More Winter Beauty

Ready For Fall??

Is it time to start pulling out your fall clothes? Since Fall began on September 22 here are some photos of the beauty of changing leaves that I have collected over the past few years to help you transition into Autumn. Halloween will follow next.

How Do You Reflect?

There are three kinds of reflections in the world: 1) the reflection of ourselves, as we look in a mirror, similar to reflections seen in a clear calm lake or pond; 2) the reflection of ourselves as we notice how others respond to us, or are affected by us; 3) the reflection we do with … More How Do You Reflect?