Wake Up!!

Strangely I have a memory from when I was a teenager spending the night at my grandmother’s farm. I awoke to see a black cat sitting by my head, curiously staring down at me, the strange person, sleeping on her mistress’s couch. It was Inky, an indoor/outdoor cat, who was friendly and loved by my … More Wake Up!!

Thankful for My Cat

I am very thankful for the companionship of my cat, Norie. This black cat is one of the delightful parts of my life. She is a source of laughter, company, amazement, challenge, and life lessons. Norie trusts me implicitly. She knows I would not hurt her on purpose. I have stepped on her paws or … More Thankful for My Cat

Norie and Toys

I am frequently bemused by my cat, Norie’s rather prejudicial opinions of the toys I bought for her. Because she is a pretty smart, slightly chubby cat I aimed for mentally and physically challenging toys. Unfortunately I have failed multilpe times to engage her interest after a brief period of peaking her curiosity. The successes … More Norie and Toys

Cats of Beauty

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will get the idea of how much I love cats, specifically my, Norie. So now for something a little different. Having had two cats and a love of beauty in most of what I see, l thought I would share these fine, feline photos. Can you tell … More Cats of Beauty