Show Them You Care

Every day I find myself smiling at something on Facebook, or about something funny my cat does, or photos of my grandchildren or any children being cute. Smiles come naturally when you are pleased, happy, thankful, or filled with joy from any of a variety of stimuli. I smile at people who give eye contact … More Show Them You Care

You Matter!

One day I was at a stop light and saw a man with a sign asking for help. I didn’t have any money on me but looked around in the car for something that might make his life a little easier. I had a straw, cowboy hat in the back of the car and offered … More You Matter!

A Boatload of Guilt

A lotus is a symbol of purity, self-regeneration or rebirth, which is why it can symbolize the human life. No matter how low in morals, self love, hate, racism or anything negative, we can grow out of it to a higher, purer, more loving nature; just as the lotus starts from muddy water and grows … More A Boatload of Guilt