Be An Angel Day

Did you know today is “Be an Angel Day”? I just found out about it myself! Well, we can’t be real angels, but why not try to do some of the things they do or did for us. Angels in the Bible, and still today, help people, protect them, deliver messages, show us love, rescue … More Be An Angel Day

Make Your World Better

For several weeks I’ve had trouble writing a new blog post. I believe the extraordinary, unique stresses, fears, anxieties, irregularities, isolation and other factors from the Covid 19 virus have made it difficult for me to focus and write. Unsuccessfully I tried three times to write one blog post with words that could bring some … More Make Your World Better

The Gift of Touch

There is something many people have forgotten about or are afraid of giving or receiving: the gift of touch. I know there are times when touching someone is inappropriate but I have learned it can be very healing in the right circumstances and with the right people. My mother and father were both affectionate with … More The Gift of Touch