A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift

My article was published on Candid Slice last year. One special patient cared for her fellow patient’s need for beauty. http://www.candidslice.com/struggling-with-cancer-patient-performs-inspiring-acts-of-kindness/ Years ago I took care of an unforgettable cancer patient. She had lost her hair from the chemotherapy, but not her spirit. She quipped about her bald head and how funny she perceived her … More A Kind Hearted Cancer Patient Gives a Gift

Poem of Truth

I saw this wonderful verse by Meno Lopes this morning. I was so touched by the truth of this that I asked his permission to share it. He kindly gave me permission. Thank you, Meno Lopes. ~ All that life has done, all the energy that life has spent, was spent creating more of itself … More Poem of Truth