Thankful for My Cat

I am very thankful for the companionship of my cat, Norie. This black cat is one of the delightful parts of my life. She is a source of laughter, company, amazement, challenge, and life lessons. Norie trusts me implicitly. She knows I would not hurt her on purpose. I have stepped on her paws or … More Thankful for My Cat

My Two Cats

My two cats bring so much joy to my life, that I wrote this poem about them. (Sister passed away December 31, 2018.) I have two cats who are great company, Grey tabby, Sister; and Norie, who’s ebony. Their relationship has a fragile concordance, Which tries my feline behavior patience. As much as they help … More My Two Cats

My Entertaining Cat

I am retired, over 70, and an extrovert who enjoys being around people. But after the Covid started I was more careful about where and when I went somewhere. I eat out or visit with my close friends. So my entertainments are: calling friends: little things to do around my home; donate things I don’t … More My Entertaining Cat

One Smart Cat

I know I talk about my cat, Norie, (my black cat) often but I have to brag on how smart she is. Norie gets fed 1/2 can of cat food 3 times a day. At night I give her dry food as part of her weight loss program. Through the day she will eat some … More One Smart Cat